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An act granting to Samuel Williams, Gideon Olin, & Jonathan Parker Jun. &c. a Certain Gore of Land &c. having passed the House &c. Read and Concurred.

An act empowering Jonathan Robinson Esq. to Draw out ten Dollars out of the Treasury &c. having passed the House, Read & Concurred.

An act exempting Certain Towns from paying State Taxes &c. having passed the House, Read and Concurred.

An act for the Releif of Merril Sheppard &c. having passed the House Read and Concurred.

An act granting to Benjamin Cady a Bill of Abatement &c. having passed the House, Read and Concurred.

An act allowing the Town of Shaftsbury the sum of fourteen pounds seven shillings out of the Public Treasury of this State &c. having passed the House, Read and Concurred.

An act appointing certain persons therein Named to Inspect & Certify the Printed Volumes of the Statute Laws of this State &c. having passed the House Read & Concurred.

The act repealing an act entitled an act to establish the Residence of the Legislature &c. being Returned from the House [with a message] that they Do not Recede from the Act for the Reasons Offered by the Council, therefore Resolved by the Council that said act be suspended Untill the next Session of the Legislature.

An act relating to the payment of the Surveyor General &c. having passed the House, Read & Concurred with proposals of Amendment.

An act of Suspension in favour of Daniel King &c. having passed the House, Read and Nonconcurred & Resolved that it be Recommended to the Legislature to Lay over said Act to the next Session &c. that the Creditors be Notified &c.

An act altering the name of the Town of Newhuntington to that of Huntington, having passed the House, Read and Concurred.

An act making provision in Cases where Records of any Court of Probate are Destroyed by fire &c. having passed the House, Read and Concurred.

An act empowering Selectmen to Lease Lands belonging to County Grammar Schools &c. having passed the House, Read and Concurred.

An act Crediting the Town of Bennington three pounds seventeen shillings & nine pence &c. having passed the House, Read and Concurred.


Whereas the General Assembly of the Representatives of the Freemen of the State of Vermont Did at their Last Session Order the Confiscation and Sale of the Estates both Real and Personal of the Enemies of this & the United States Living within this state who have Distinguished themselves by Repairing to the Enemy or other Treasonable Conduct, and Did appoint the Governor and Council of this State to be a Court to Confiscate and Order the Sale of Said Estates

To THOMAS CHANDLER Senior Esquire,

You being by said Court appointed a Commissioner to sell said Lands &c. You are hereby Authorised and fully empowered to sell at Public Vendue or at private Sale all or any such Lands, Improvements, possessions, Houses, Mills, or other Buildings, or such part of them as you can

sell to the Advantage of this State, Lying & being in the Townships of Rockingham, Westminster, Kent [Londonderry,] Putney, and Chester, and Moveable Estate, formerly belonging to the Persons whose Names are in the List to this affixed and is by this Court Confiscated to the use of this State. You will give Deeds in the Name and in behalf of the Representatives of the Freemen of this State. If the Title was Derived from the Government of Newhampshire you will warrant the Purchaser the said Newhampshire Title and if the forfeiture had only the Newyork Title where there is no Hampshire Grant on said Lands you will sell the Possession and Improvement only except in the Town of Kent [Londonderry]. You will not sell on any other Terms than for cash Down except you first have Liberty from this Court. You will take care to sell to Persons who are known friends to this and the United States and such persons as are Disposed to settle and Improve the Lands soon. Such of Said Lands &c. as are by Bargain or Lease actually Made by any of the Commissioners of Sequestration Let out to any person or Persons for any Term of Time, You will sell under such Incumbrances making such Reserves as will be necessary to Keep good the Bargain or Lease of said Commissioner of Sequestration. You will take all proper means to make public that you have such Lands to sell. You will take the advice of the Selectmen of the Town where you sell Lands &c. in that [what] manner it is best to sell before you Determine the sale of any of the aforesaid Lands &c. You will take care to assertain the Bounds and Quantity of the Lands you sell in the Deeds you give. You will take care to Obtain all the writings that Did belong to the Persons whose Names are in the annexed List in Order to enable you to assertain the proper title to the Lands as also the Debts and Credits of said persons; if any person or persons within this State is by you suspected to have in Custody or have any knowledge of any papers that Did belong to any of said persons, you are hereby impowered by a summons or warrant to call him or them before some assistant [Councillor] or Justice of the Peace & examine him or them under Oath relative to the Matters. You will take a Certificate on Oath from the persons to whom you sell Lands &c. Certifying the exact sums of money they pay unto you For any of the aforesaid Lands &c. also assertaining the Bounds and Quantity, in what Town & what part of the Town and who was the forfeiter. You will mention in the Deeds you give the exact sum you receive. The aforesaid Certificate [you] will Transmitt to this Court for Record. You will Lodge the monies arising from such Sales together with such monies as you Collect being Due by Bond. Note or Otherwise, to such persons, which Debts you are hereby Authorized to Collect, with the Treasurer of this State or his Substitute, and after you have sold the whole of the Estate of any of the aforesaid persons you will apply to the Gov of this State or any one Member of this Court who shall appoint Two Respectable Freeholders of this State Commissioners who shall advertize the Creditors of said Estate or Estates in the Hartford [Connecticut] Newspapers three weeks successively at least one Month before they shall meet of the time and place of their Meeting, their Business, and [notifying them] to bring in their accounts [against] Estate or Estates; Also set up a Copy of said Advertisement in some Public Place in 'the Town where the person Last Resided when said Commissioners will sit to find & examine the accounts against said Estates & Determine the Just Debts Due from such Estate or Estates and a True List of them to you Deliver which List together with a List of the Collectable Debts Due to the forfeiter you will forthwith Transmitt to the Treasurer of this State. Said meeting you will attend in behalf of this State. Seid Commissioners to be paid a Reasonable Reward for

their services. You will Keep a Just and True account of the Time and Money you spend in performing the Business herein enjoined on you and exhibit the same to this Court for settlement.

Bennington February the 23 Day A. D. 1779.

The foregoing is A true Copy of the Original Commission & Directions therein Contained as given to me & ordered to be Recorded by his Excellency the Governor. Attest, TRUMAN SQUIER Secretary. A True List of Tories Names Upon the Back of said Commission Viz. Col James Rogers: Kent.

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His Honor

the Lieuft. Govr. Jonathan Hunt

& the Honorable
Samuel Safford
John Strong
Ebenezer Walbridge
Luke Knoulton
Ebenezer Marvin
Paul Brigham
Jonas Galusha
Gideon Olin
John White
Cornelius Lynde
Elijah Robinson &
Samuel Williams

WINDSOR Tuesday Oct. the 27 Day A. D. 1795. DEBENTURE OF COUNCIL for Windsor October Session A. D. 1795.


Miles Travel. 55

Esquires Councillors. Truman Squier Sec'ry & William Sweetser Sheriff




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'The foregoing copy of a commission of sequestration doubtless was ordered to be recorded by Gov. Chittenden, as embracing the reasons for his dissent to the surrender of the land of Col. Rogers in Kent [Londonderry.]



THOMAS CHITTENDEN, Williston, Governor.

PAUL BRIGHAM, Norwich, Lieut. Governor, and Acting Governor from Aug. 25 until Oct. 16 1797.1


Jonas Galusha, Shaftsbury,
GIDEON OLIN, Shaftsbury,

JOHN WHITE, Georgia,
CORNELIUS LYNDE, Williamstown,
ELIJAH ROBINSON, Weathersfield,

TRUMAN SQUIER, Manchester, Secretary.
JONATHAN BELL, Rutland, Sheriff.


Gen. WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN, born at Hopkinton, Mass., April 27 1753, removed with his father to Loudon, N. H., in 1773; volunteered in the army in 1775, and served as orderly sergeant in the invasion of Canada, suffering all sorts of privations, and being one of the nine officers and privates, out of a company of seventy, who survived to take part in

Gov. Chittenden died on Friday, Aug. 25 1797. It has been stated that he resigned his office previous to his death; but this is an error, Gov. Chittenden's address to the freemen in July, 1797, being simply a notice that he would not be a candidate for re-election. Gov. Chittenden did not attend the adjourned session in February 1797, and Lieut. Brigham presided over the Council during the session.

Elected Lieut. Governor, in Grand Committee, Oct. 14 1796.

Elected Councillor, in Grand Committee, Oct. 15 1796, vice Brigham promoted.

the battle of Trenton, N. J. At the expiration of his enlistment he returned to New Hampshire, but on Burgoyne's invasion he again volunteered, and was in the battle of Bennington, from which he is said to have brought away some trophies of personal combat with his enemies. About 1780 he removed to Peacham, being then clerk of the proprietors of the town. He was town clerk twelve years; justice of the peace twenty-four years; town representative in 1785, 1787 until 1796, in 1805, and 1808-twelve years; Chief Judge of Caledonia County Court 1787 until 1803, and again in 1814-seventeen years; Councillor from 1796 until 1803-seven years; Lieutenant Governor 1813 to 1815; a delegate to the Constitutional Conventions of 1791 and 1814; a Presidential Elector in 1800; and a Member of Congress two terms, 1803-5, and 1809-11. He died Sept. 27 1828. In private life he was upright, a friend of order, learning, and religion. He lived to see the wilderness become a cultivated and populous region, and as a matter of far higher moment to himself, closed a long, useful, and eventful life on earth in humble trust of a better life in heaven.-Vt. Historical Magazine, Vol. I, p. 363; Deming's Catalogue; and Vermont Legislative Directory.

STEPHEN JACOB, an attorney, born in Sheffield, Mass., and a graduate of Yale college in the class of 1778, appeared first in the records of Vermont as poet at the first celebration, in 1778, of the battle of Bennington. He was a representative in the General Assembly for the town of Windsor in 1781, which office he held in 1788 and 1794. He served also as Clerk of the House in 1788 and 1789. He was a member of the first Council of Censors in 1785, and a delegate in the Constitutional Convention in 1793. He was Chief Judge of Windsor County Court from 1797 until 1801, and Councillor from 1796 until 1802. He distinguished himself for courage and energy in quelling the attempted insurrection in Windsor county in 1786, and in 1789 he was appointed one of the Commissioners to settle the controversy with New York, and he served in that delicate and important business. He died in February 1817, aged sixty-one. Vt. Hist. Soc. Collections, Vol. 1, pp. 254, 265; B. H. Hall's Eastern Vermont; Deming's Catalogue, and Vermont Legislative Directory.

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