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Clerks of com: mittees of both

D. Johnson,

D. Niess.

To the clerks of the coromittees, in the senate and house of representatives, fourteen dollars per week houses. each.

To Roger Divine, for cutting fuel, furnishing wa- R. Divine. ter, candlesticks and candles for the house of representatives during the present session, sixty-five dollars.

To David Johnson, for eutting fuel and furnishing water, candlesticks and candles for the senate during the present session, sixty-five dollars. To the sergeant at arms of the house of repre- of source de report

at armc sentatives, for serving writs of election for members of that house, in certain counties, and serving other process, and for extra expenses, fifty-two dollars fifty cents.

To David Niess, jr. for binding fifteen hundred copies of the acts of the present session of the general assembly, and three thousand copies of the militia laws, nine hundred and fifteen dollars ; four hundred dollars thereof in advance, and the residue when the work is completedi.

To Messrs. Gerard & Berry, public printers, in Public printers, advance for services of the current year, five hun. dred dollars.

To the clerks of the senate and house of repre- tionary. sentatives, for stationary furnished during the present session, thirty dollars each.

To the clerks of the senate and house of representatives, for four days services, at the rate of sixty house reps dollars per week, in addition to the number which the legislature have been in session, and which timo they will be necesssarily employed in completing the journals, preparing the acts for publication, arranging and filing the papers.

To William Barlow, fifteen dollars, the amount subscribed by the late governor Charles Scott, on the part of this state, for his services as watchman in the town of Frankfort, for the year eighteen hundred and eleven.

To the clerk of the house of representatives, for Clerk H. R. cash paid for furnishing a room and keeping the press and papers belonging to the house of representatives, for the last year, ending December, eigh,

Clerks for sta

Ci'ks senateg

Wm. Barlow efliee.


N. Johnson.

Wm. Kunter.

teen hundred and fourteen, twenty dollars, as per

receipt. Auditor of pub

To the auditor of public accounts, in addition to lie accounts. his salary, one thousand dollars, to enable him to

employ a competent number of clerks in his office.

To the register of this commonwealth, in addition Register land

to his present salary, two hundred dollars, to enable him to employ a clerk.

To the treasurer, in addition to his present salary, one hundred dollars.

To the adjutant general, for services performed Adjutant gen.

during the last year, two hundred dollars, in addition to his salary now allowed by law.

To George King, for one table furnished the govGeorge King

ernor, and repairs made to the government house, twenty-three dollars fifty cents.

To David Johnson, for fuel furnished the legislature, during the present session, two hundred and twenty-five dollars.

To William Hunter, for Littell's laws of Kentucky, furnished the house of representatives the present session, twenty dollars.

To the public printers, for the rent of a room for Public printers. their office, for the present year, one laundred dol


To Mrs. Elizabeth Bush, for furnishing a room for the treasurer's office three months, forty dollars.

To Mark Hardin, late register of the land office, Mark Hardin. for recording nine hundred surveys, returned from

Virginia, under the act of une thousand eight hundred and eight, seventeen cents for each survey; and also thirty dollars for his services in comparing and examining the copies of entries under the said act.

To the editors of the “ Kentucky Palladium," Editors Ky. Pal- sixty dollars, for papers furnished the senate and

house of representatives the present session. and publie prin 'To the public printers, for the same, forty dol


To George Madison, auditor of public accounts, for copying and transmitting copies of the commis. sioners' books, for the year 1807, 9 and 11, to the clerk of Floyd county, nine dollars ninety-six cents; and for rent for a room for his office, from the twen

Mrs. E. Bush.




Secretary of stata

ty seventh of November, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, to the twenty-seventh of January, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, at the rate of one hundred dollars per year, sixteen dollars sixty-two cents.

To Messrs. Johnston & Buchanan, in part dis- Johnston & Bug charge of printing the militia laws of this state, under a resolution of the present session of the general assembly, one hundred and fifty dollars, and the balance thereof, if any, shall be liquidated by the secretary of state, and approved by the governor; and the auditor shall draw a warrant on the treasury for such balance when the work is finished.

That a sum not exeeding fifty dollars, be appropriated and held subject to the order of the secre- to purchase bougies tary of state, for the purpose of purchasing maps for the use of his office and the office of the adjutant general: which maps, so to be purchased, shall be approved by the governor.

To Bela Metcalfe, for transcribing seventy-six B. Metcalfe, pages in manuscript of the militia law, passed at the present session of the legislature, fifteen dollars.

To A. F. M'Curdy, for sundry repairs made in the A. F. M'Curdy. chambers of the senate and house of representatives, as per bills, one hundred and five dollars ninety cents.

To the commissioners appointed to superintend the building of the Capitol, six hundred dollars, for who superinteet the purpose of furnishing a bell for the state-house. the

To Messrs. Gerard & Berry, nine hundred and forty-eight dollars, eighteen and a half cents, it be- Gerard & Eerry. ing the balance in full of their account, up to the second of February, 1815, inclusive.

For services of James T. Pendleton, acting clerk to the military committee of the senate, and trans- dleton. cribing one hundred and three pages of manuscript, twenty dollars.

To the commissioners, to aid them in finishing the state-house, the sun of four thousand dollars, aid in die in materials, out of the penitentiary, if so much can the state Love be had.

To David Niess, for record books furnished the adjutant general's office, twenty-three dollars twelve

To Dani: Sieg and a half cents,


To J. T. Per

To com'rs

To William Hunter, for three volumes of Littell's To W.Hunter laws of Kentucky, furnished for the use of the sé.

nate, fifteen dollars.

To the auditor, for making out a list of sales To Auditor,

of head-right lands, sold at the register's office, twenty dollars.

To the secretary of state, one hundred and fifty To Secretary of dollars, from the public treasury, in addition to his

annual salary, to employ a clerk for the present year.


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Resolved, By the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Kentucky, That Thursday, the twelfth of January next, be set apart, agreeably to the resolution of both houses of Congress and proclamation of the President of the United States, as a day of Humiliation and Thanksgiving to Him that rules the Universe.

Resolved, That the Reverend James M'Chord and Silas M. Noel, be requested to attend in the Chamber of the House of Representatives at 12 o'clock of that day, and deliver a discourse suited to the occasion; and that a joint committee of two from the Senate, and four from the House of Representatives, be appointed to inform them of, and solicit their compliance with this request.

Senator in Congress in the room of the Hon. Jesse Bledsoe.

RESOLVED, By the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Legislature will, by a joint vote, proceed on Tuesday the third of January next, to the election of a senator to the Congress of the United States, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of the honorable Jesse Bledsoe.

Suspension of Specie Payment by the Bank of Kentucky and

Branches. RESOLVED, By the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Kentucky, That the joint committee appointed to examine into the situation of the Bank of Kentucky, be authorized to enquire into the causes which have produced the suspension of the payment of specie, by the said bank, and its branches;


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