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Clerk to isste summons against

of said commissioner, have fixed too low a value on his taxable property, or any part thereof. And in case any person has wholly refused to give in his or her list, or to affix the value thereof, the commissioner, from the best information he can get, shall report the articles of taxable property belonging to such delinquents, and shall add thereto the value thereof, according to his judgment; which value may be used by the county court as prima facia evidence of the value.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the clerk of each county court with whom any such report is filed, shall forth with issue a.summons against such delinquents. delinquents; and on the return thereof, the court shall, as soon as may be, proceed to hear and determine the same, and give judgment for a fine and triple tax, as heretofore directed by law, and to determine the value whereon to fix the triple tax. The court, by the report of the commissioner, oath of the party or other competent evidence, may proceed to ascertain the articles of taxable property belonging to such delinquent, and the value thereof.

Sec. S. Be it further enacted, That the county court of each county, at each term throughout the fine and triple

Courts to impose year, shall have power to impose the fine and triple tax, in any case brought properly before them.

SEC. 4. Be it further enacted, That whenever it shall be known at any time in any year, to the sheriff or collector of the revenue, that any person has limquents. failed to give in his or her list of taxable property, 2 such sheriff or collector shall report such delinquent to the court of his county ; who shall, by summons, proceed to inflict the fine and triple tax, as in other cases reported by the commissioners. No sheriff or commissioner shall be liable for costs in any case reported by them. In cases reported by the sheriff, the court shall proceed to ascertain the artieles of

articles of taxable taxable property belonging to such delinquent, and property. the value thereof, by the oath of the party, or such other competent evidence as may, be in their power. No person, by any excuse whatever, shall be exempted from a fine and triple tax, as now imposed respecting delin

Regulations hy law for any defalcation, unless he or she shall de- quents. liver to such court, a full and fair list of his or her


Sheriff or Collec tor to report de

Court to ascertain

taxable property, with the value annexed ;-and in case the court adjudge that such delinquent has not violated the law, he or she


be discharged; and one copy of said list, with its value, shall be certified forth with to the sheriff or collector, and another to the auditor of public accounts: and the sheriff or collector shall proceed to collect the tax from said person, according to the per centum fixed by law, and shall account for the same to the treas. ury in the same manner, and at the same time he accounts for the revenue of his county. The clerk shall certify forthwith, to the sheriff or collector, and also to the auditor of public accounts, the list and value of taxable property of any individual triple taxed by order of court; and that the same was triple taxed : And the sheriff shall proceed to collect three times the per centum fixed on the value, in the same manner as other taxes; and shall account for and pay the same to the treasury, in the same manner, and under the same rules and regulations, as the other revenue from his county.

Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That every perUntil Ist May to son or persons, who have failed to give in his, her give in liste.

or their list of taxable property, during the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, shall have ?till the first day of May next, to give in his, her or their list or lists, as if this act had not passed.

SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That for any defalcations Recupeeting de falcations during the year one thousand eight hun

dred and fourteen, reported by the commissioner or sheriff, the county court of each county shall, after the first day of May next, proceed to issue summonses, and inflict the fine and triple tax, now imposed by law; and in fixing the number of taxable articles, and value of the property of any delinquent, may resort to such legal and competent proof as may be in their power, and shall indict the fine and triple tax accordingly.

SEC. 7. Be it further enacted, That every com Duty of Clerks missioner of the tax, and the clerks of the several and

county courts, in making out their books containing lists of taxable property, shall distinctly notice the company and regiment wherein such person resides whose list lias been taken.


copy to the sherif

Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That any com. missioner of this commonwealth, who may have here- con missioners tofore, or who shall hereafter fail to return his list books, and give of taxable property to the clerk of the county court and auditor. within the time prescribed by law, it shall, notwithstanding, be the duty of the clerk to receive the same when returned; and, as soon thereafter as practicable, transmit a certified copy of such list to the auditor of public accounts, and deliver a similar copy to the sheriff or collector: Provided, however, that such commissioner shall still be subject to be fined for failing to make his return by the time prescribed by law.

SEC. 9. Be it further enacted, That an act passed or approved on the third day of February, 1813, pealed. entitled " an act to amend an act further to amend the law altering the mode of taking in lists of taxable property,” shall be, and the same is hereby repealed ; and that all laws, repealed by said recited act, shall be, and the same are hereby revived, except so far as they may be altered or changed by this act: Pravided, however, that all fines and penalties inflicted by said act hereby repealed, shall be prosecuted and recovered, for offences committed previous to the time this act takes effect, in the same manner, and subject to the same rules and regulations as if this act had not passed.

Act of 1813 re




AN ACT to reduce the Revenue Tax for 1814, to be

collected in 1815.

APPROVED, February 8, 1815,

to be collected,

Seç. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall be the Rate of percet: duty of the sheriffs of this commonwealth, to collect upon the valuation contained in the commissioners' returns, for the year 1814, after the rate of fifteen cents for every hundred dollars contained in the valuation of each individual's land, and other

Non-residents at the same rate.

Tavern licence,


property, and so in proportion for a smaller or greater sum; and that the taxes to be collected upon the lands of non-residents, shall be charged anıl

collected at the same rate; and that the taxes on &c. by the aet of tavern licences, billiard tables, stud horses and

jack asses, shall be collected as directed by the sixth section of the act, entitled 6 An act to amend the several laws, establishing a permanent revenue," approved January 31st, 1814.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so much Diuties of pile of the recited act, as requires the auditor of public said act repealed. accounts to ascertain the rate of per centum, to be

charged and collected on the value of lands, and other taxable property, and to transmit the same to the sheriffs of the different counties, shall be, and

the same is hereby repealed. And the sheriffs shall Sheriff to ad- advertise at the door of the court-houses respective

ly, at the March or April courts, the rate per hundred dollars fixed by this act.

vertise the rate of per centun.

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AN ACT authorizing certain Advertisements to be

published in The Telescope."

APPROVED, February 8, 1815.

Sec. 1. BE it cnacled by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That orders of courts, advertisements and notices, may be published in the newspaper called “ The Telescope,”. printed at Bardstown: And the editor of said paper shall respectively receive the fees established by law, for such services as he may perform under this act; and that such publications shall be valid between the parties, as if the same had been made in any other authorised paper of this commonwealth: Provided, hogcever, that nothing herein contained, shall be so construed, as to authorize the insertion of any advertisements in said paper, which are by law required to be inserted in the paper of the public printer.


IN ACT to amend the several acts concerning the

importation and emancipation of Slaves.

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No slave to be imported mto

How to be re


Sec. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That from and af. ter the passage of this act, no slave or slaves shall this state. be imported into this commonwealth.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That every person hercafter importing slaves into this commonwealth, contrary to this act, shall ferfeit and pay

Penalty, the sum of six hundred dollars, for every slave so imported : And every person selling or buying any such slave, shall, in like manner, forfeit and pay


Penalty for buy sum of two hundred dollars, for

ing or selling such slave so

every sold or bought: which sums shall be recoverable on an indictment or information in any court of record, covered. and shall belong to the commonwealth, and be payable into the treasury thereof. An indictment for a. ny of the penalties inflicted by this act, shall not be subject to any shorter limitation than five year's from the time of the commission of the offence; and such indictment may be found on the information of any one of the grand jury, or any other credible person, and no prosecutor shall be necessary in said indictment. On the trial of any such indictment, if

What proof rew it be proved on behalf of the commonwealth, that quired. the defendant or defendants have brought to this state any slave and sold the same, it shall be sure ficient to subject such defendant or defendants to the penalties inflicted by this act, unless he, she or they can prove to the satisfaction of the jury, that he, she or they have taken the oath hereafter required, and lave not violated the same; and that he, she or they liave removed from any other state or territory of the United States, and have become a permanent resident of this state; or that he, she or iley, having been residents of this state, acquired or derived title to the slave or slaves in questiori, by marriage, descent, or devise made to them; and that at the time such title accrued, by marriage, do

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