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mother bank and

of the mother bank, and each of the branches now

Notes of da established, or which may hereafter be established, branches. to be

current in each shall be current in each other, and be received on others account, or for any debt due to the bank of Kentucky or either of its branches.


AN ACT establishing the town of Covington, at the

mouth of Licking.

APPROVED, February 8, 1815.

WHEREAS it is represented to the present general assembly, that it would be advantageous to Preembles the state, and more particularly to the inhabitants of the counties of Boone, Campbell and Pendleton, if a town were established on the land lately purchased of Thomas Kennedy, by Richard M. Gano, Thomas D. Carneal and John S. Gano, situated at the mouth of Licking riyer, on the lower side thereof: Therefore,

SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That one hundred Trustees appoint and fifty acres of land at the place aforesaid, is here ton established. by vested in Uriel Sebree, Alfred Sandford, Jeseph Kennedy, William Hubble and John C. Buckner, gentlemen trustees, for the purpose of a Town and out lots, and be established as such by the name of “ COVINGTON.” That the said trustees or a ma- Power of trus jority of them, shall have full power and authority to dispose of the lots as at present laid off by the proprietors of said land, at public auction, for the best price that can be gotten in ready money ; or so many of said lots, and at such credits, as the said proprietors shall approve; the day of sale having been previously advertised by the said proprietors.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the said trustees shall convey the lots sold to the purchasers in fee simple, upon the purchaser's producing the receipt or order of the said proprietors. And they shall have power to make regulations for the gora


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ernment of said town; to settle all disputes between the boundaries of lots, and shall be entitled to such

immunities and privileges as towns in the commonProviso in rep wealth possess and enjoy: Provided, always, that peet to any other nothing in this act shall be so construed as to effect

the right of any person or persons, to the said one hundred and fifty acres of land, or any part thereof; but any person or persons, establishing his or their rights to the same, shall have full power to sue for, and recover the purchase money, with interest from the said proprietors. In case of the death, resignation or refusal to act, of any one or more of the said trustees, such vacancy shall be filled up by the appointment of a majority of the remaining trustees

Provided, however, that said proprietors shall enter give bond and se into bond, with sufficient security, in the sum of fifcurity, and for

ty thousand dollars, in the county court of Campbell county, at a court previous to the sale of said lots, conditioned to repay the price of said lots, with interest, to any person or persons who may estabHish a better claim to said land, or any part thereof.



AN ACT concerning the State-House.

APPROVED, February 8, 1815.

WHEREAS it appears by the accounts exhibited Preamh ble by the secretary of state, that there is a balance due

for rent and taxes, of one hundred and five dollars, on a contract made by him, under the directions of the Governor, with Jepthah Dudley, agent for John Skyren, for the lease of the houses and lots of said Skyren, in the town of Frankfort, for the accommodation of the general assembly, and for other public purposes, for one year, ending on the thirteenth day of April next.

SEC. 1. Be it therefore enacted by the General Asto open ment and sembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That one

hundred and five dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated to pay the said balance, for said rent


Forfeitures res

and taxes"; and the auditor shall issue a warrant therefor, and the same shall be drawn from the treasury.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That upon the se- Secretary's accretary's making out his account for repairing said to be for repairs houses and lots, so as to deliver them up according the treasury. to contract: nd the same being examined and approved by the gover nor, the auditor shall issue a warrant for theamount, to be drawn from the treasury.

SEC, 3. Be it further enacted, That all penalties mitted and forfeitures incurred, or which might be supposed to be incurred, either by the owner, tenants or occupiers of said houses and lots, by not entering the same for the payment of the state tax for the year 1814, be, and the same is hereby remitted and released to them respectịvely, said houses and lots being used for public purposes.

Taxes released SEC. 4. Be it further enacted, That the taxes on said property for the present year, be, and the same is hereby released: And it shall not be necessary that the same be entered with the commissioners for taxation for this year,

this year.


AN ACT altering the December term of the General

Court, and regulating motions against delinquent
Clerks, and for other purposes.

APPROVED, February 8, 1815.

Gen. court to

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That hereafter, a term of the general court shall commence on the 1st sit in January. Monday in January, in each year, instead of the second Monday in December, as now provided by law. And all motions authorised by law, to be made at the December term, against delinquent sheriffs, in January. or against other delinquent collectors, without notice, may be made in like manner at the January term, and all other business shall be transacted at

Motions for Dec. to be made

the January term, in the same manner as authorized by law at the December term.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That if any clerk

of this commonwealth, shall fail to render an account Auditor may

clerks of the taxes received by him in his office, as requiWilkout Doçot red by law, the auditor of public accounts, may, at

the July term of said court next after the failure, move against said clerk, without giving any previous notice, for judgment for the penalty imposed by law, in the same manner and under the like rules and regulations, as are prescribed by law, for failing to pay into the treasury the amount due on such account.

Sec, 3. Be it further enacted, That if à court When a court shall not be held at any term prescribed by law, all sons to be made motions authorised to be made without notice, at court without no such term, may be made in like manner, at the next

term at which a court shall be holden,

And whenever a notice shall be given in a suit of

the commonwealth, of 'a motion to be made at any made on the cor- term of said court, at which'a court shall not be responding day held, such motion may, without any other notice,


be made on the corresponding day of the next term at which a court shall be held.

Notices to be


AN ACT concerning the Town of Port William, in

Gallatin County.

APPROVED, February 8, 1815.

Trustees to ima pose . tur.

SBC, 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall and may be lawful for the present trustees of the town of Port William, and their successors, or a majority of them, on the tenth day of March annually, to levy a poll tax on the free male inhabitants of the said town, over the age of twenty-one years; and also to levy a tax on the real property lying within the said town ; which said tax shall be due on the 10th day of April thereafter: Provided, however, that

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Trustees to fur

the tax so levied on real property, shall not, in any
one year, exceed the sum of twelve and an half cents
on any in-lot, and twenty-five cents on every out-lot,
as originally laid off in said town; and that the
poll tax so levied, shall not exceed the sum of one
half dollar on each person subject thereto.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the trus-

tees as aforesaid, shall, annually, in the month of lector, and lake
March, appoint a collector, for the collection of all bond and securi-
taxes laid by virtue of this act; and to stipulate the
compensation to be allowed him for the same; and
take bond with one or more securities, payable to
the said trustees and their successors, conditioned
for his faithful collection and accounting for all tax-
es imposed by virtue of this act, and within the time
stipulated therein.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the trustees of the said town, on or nish the collector before the tenth day of April, annually, to furnish and number of the collector of the said taxes, with a list of the

lots-and commis

sioners duty, names of all persons subject to the poll tax, and with a description by the numbers of the lots of all real property subject to taxation within the said town, and the amount of tax assessed thereon : and it shall be the duty of such collector, immediately thereafter, to proceed to collect the said taxes. And if any person subject to such poll tax, shall fail to pay the same to such collector, on or before the tenth day of May annually, then, and in such case, it shall and may be lawful for such collector to make collection of the same by distraining the goods and chattels of such person or persons so failing, in the same manner as sheriffs may distrain and sell goods and chattels in collecting the county levy. And where any person owning real property lying within the said town, shall fail to pay the tax levied as aforesaid, on or before the first day of June annually, it shall be the duty of such collector to advertise the said real property for sale ; distinguishing such real property by the number of the lot or lots on which such tax may be due, together with the sum due on each lot, for eight weeks successively previous to the day of sale, at the court house door within the said town, and also for eight weeks suc

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