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AN ACT authorizing and defining certain duties to

be performed by the Quartermaster General of this State.

Taster gen. of


APPROVED, February 8, 1815. WHEREAS considerable delays have taken place Preamble. in the payments to the militia of this state, in con

sequence of no officer being appointed on the part of this state, to receive the funds from the paymas. ter general of the United States: For remedy where

of, Quartermaster Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Asseinbly of Som na more pay the Commonwealth of kentucky, That the quarter

master general shall be authorized to receive from the paymaster general of of the United States, or his deputy, any sum due, or that may become due, for services rendered the United States, by the mi

litia of this state: and he shall enter into bond with To give bond

two or norė securities, to be approved of by the penaltyofu mond governor, to the commonwealth of Kentucky, in the

penalty of $100,000 conditioned to be void on the faithful discharge of the duties : which bond shall be renewed from time to time, according to the provisions of a law, approved in January, 1810, entitled “ An act concerning the bonds of certain oficers, guardians, executors and administrators."

Sec. %. The monies appropriated by the laws of How qr. mas. this commonwealth, from the public treasury, for from the treasury the payment of militia services, shall be drawn from

the treasury by the quartermaster general,quarterly, or oftener if necessary. But no money shall be drawn by him, until he shall have made out and signed, an estimate of the sum necessary for that quarter's payments, which shall be approved of by the governor.

Sec. 3. He shall judge of the vouchers upon which qr. mas gen's. duty. payments are to be made, and prescribe the forin

and manner of making payments. He shall advance to the paymasters of regiments, detachments or companies of militia, who may be entitled to pay, the sums requisite for that purpose: Provides

to draw monies




Auditor to pro

however, that no money shall be paid to such pay- specting master, until he shall have entered into bond in the to payimaster's county court of the county in which such paymaster penalty. may reside, with two or more securities, to be approved of by said court, in the penalty of $20,000; a copy of which shall be certified by the clerk to the quartermaster general.

Sec. 4. All the paymasters who receive funds Quarterly setfrom the quartermaster general, shall render their tlements. accounts to, and settle with him for the money so received, at such times as he may prescribe by the general regulations of his office, and pay over to him any balance remaining in their hands on such settlements.

Sec. 5. The quartermaster general shall settle quarterly with the auditor of public accounts, for ceed for balances

in the gen. court. all monies received by him, and pay into the treasury any balance due from him: but in such settlement he shall have credit for all sums he may have advanced, according to the provisions of this act, to regimental or other paymasters.

Sec. 6. For any failure either to make a settletlement or to pay into the treasury any balance due by the quartermaster general, the auditor shall, upon giving ten days previous notice, move the general court for judgment in behalf of the commonwealth of Kentucky against the quartermaster general and his securities, or any one or more of them, for the amount unaccounted for, or unpaid by him: upon the hearing of which motion, a copy from the auditor's books of the account against the quartermaster general, certified by the auditor to be correct, or in his absence by his clerk, shall be evidence against the quartermaster general, and the court shall render judgment for such sum as is unaccounted for, or unpaid, with ten per centum interest thereon, from the time it should have been paid or accounted for, until it shall be paid, with costs of suit, as in causes against delinquent sheriff's. Sec. 7. When any regimental or other paymas, gainst regime

from ster, shall have received from the quartermaster tal general, any money under the provisions of this law, and shall fail to account for the same, or pay over the balance due from him, the quartermaster genc


ral shall have the same remedy, by motion in the general court against such delinquent paymaster and his securities, as by this act is given to the auditor of public accounts against the quartermaster general in case of his failure.

Sec. 8. It shall be the duty of the attorney genAttorney gen's duty,

eral to prosecute all motions on behalf of the auditor of public accounts, against the quartermaster general, and in behalf of the quartermaster general, against regimental and other paymasters, arising

under this act. He shall, for his services, be entiHis fee. tled to a fee of five dollars on all motions in which

judgments may be entered for the commonwealth : which sum shall be taxed in the bill of costs, and paid over to himn by the sheriff or other officer collecting the money recovered by such judgment.

SEC. 9. The actual advances of the quartermasStationary and office furniture. ter general for the stationary for his office, including

forms and blanks furnished to regimental paymasters and others, and also his actual advances for ta. bles, presses and other necessary office furniture, shall be paid ont of the treasury of this state, upon his exhibiting an account thereof, approved by the governor.

SEC. 10. IIe shall receive a per centum on all

sums he regulated.

receive and pay away in any one year,

may on behalf of the United States : on every sum not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars, one per cent. ; or if above twenty-five and not exceeding fifty thousand, three quarters per cent. ; or if above fifty thousand and not exceeding one hundred thousand, one half per cent. ; or if above one hundred

and not exceeding two hundred thousand, one quar*ter per cent. ; and for all sums drawn from the pub

lic treasury and paid to the several paymasters on behalf of tlie state, one per cent: which per centum shall be paid out of the public treasury, on the quarmaster general producing the paymaster's receipts to the auditor of public accounts, who shall issue his.

warrant for payment accordingly: Provided, howRespecting the calculation of per ever, that nothing herein contained, shall be so con

His per cent.

strued as to authorize the auditor to calculate the per centum on the different sums that may be received in any one year, but upon the whole amount so received and paid out.


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SEC. 11. Be it further enacted, That the quartermaster general shall keep his office at the seat of government from and after the passage of this act.

This aet shall continue in force one year, and no longer.


AN ACT to increase the Capital of the State Bank.

APPROVED, February 8, 1815.

Capital stock

Divided inta

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10,000 reserved for the state.

scribed for.

Sec. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the capital

increased two mil stock of the Bank of Kentucky shall be, and the lions of dollars. same is hereby increased two millions of dollars, in addition to the present stock ; to consist of twenty 20,000 shares thousand shares of one hundred dollars each ; of which ten thousand shares are hereby reserved for the state of Kentucky, to be subscribed for from time to time by the executive thereof, as it shall be convenient ; having due regard to the funds out of which such shares shall be payable. SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the remain

Remaining 10,009 ing ten thousand shares shall be sold or subscribed to be sold for in such manner and at such times as shall be ordained by the president and directors of the bank : Provided, however, that no sale of stock hereby added, shall take place within one year from the passage of this act; but within that period subscriptions shall be opened and received under the directions of the directors; and after the expiration of the year, any balance not subscribed for may be either sold or subscribed for, as the directory may determine.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the bank of Kentucky shall be, and the same is hereby authori- Additional pow zed to deal in exchange in treasury notes of the bank & its brancha United States, and in the funded debt thereof; and shall vest similar powers in its branches.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That so much of an act entitled - An act to establish a state bank," dents.



Loans may be made to 1011-Teske Directors may

as prohibits a loan to any person or persons residing in any other state or territory, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed.

Se&. 5. Be it further enacted, That the president Loans to the Uni and directors are hereby authorized to grant loans

to the United States; Provided the whole amount loaned does not exceed, at any one time, five hundred thousand dollars, nor be for a longer time than


two years.

an outh.

substance thereof

A violation of

SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That the directors Directors to take of the bank, and of each of its branches, shall, be

fore they presume to act in that character, severally take an oath or affirmation before some justice of the peace of this commonwealth, That they will not, during their continuance in that office, obtain from the institution (including the branches) directly or indirectly, a loan of any greater sum than five thousand dollars; and that they will faithfully discharge the duties of a director to the best of their ability.” A certificate of which oath, made out by the justice, shall be lodged by each in the files of

the bank of which be is a director. A violation of which catin is de which oath, by any director, shall subject hiin to a cleared to be pero prosecution and conviction for perjury, under the juryo

laws of this commonwealth, in relation to that crime.

SEC. 7. Be it further enacted, That the allowance Regulations as to the ans of dig to any director of the mother bank, or any of its

branches, by way of accommodation, to the amount of five thousand dollars, and the allowance of endorsement to the amount of ten thousand dollars, as given by the original charter, shall include the whole credit of such director, and that no director shall, either directly or indirectly, contract a greater debt to the bank; nor shall the bank, or any of its branches, by purchasing the negotiable notes, bills, drafts or paper, engaging to pay money of any director, increase the debt of any director beyond the said allowance given by the original charter, by purchasing the negotiable notes, bills, drafts or paper, enanging to pay money of any director, increase the debt of any director beyond the said allowance given by the original charter.

SEC. 8. And be it further eracted, That the notes


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