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tach any of the companies of cavalry or artillery, to such regiments as they may dcem proper, in the bounds of their brigades.

SEC. 90. And be it further enacted, That whilo officer may had the militia are either in actual service of this state

or the United States, the several oaths which militia officers are required by law to take, may be administered by any commissioned officer belonging to the same corps.

minister oaths.

L. M.
K. L.
J. K.
H. I.
G. H.
F. G.
D. E.

M. Mooring:
C. D. do
B. C. do.
A. B. private,
Nat. Davis, do,
Solomon Spiers, do.
John Stone, corporal.
Edward Tucker, do,

Wm. Anderson, do.
John Honey, sergeant.

oned officers and privates |
Names of non-commissi.



Coucou com | April.

| May.
| June

| August

| Sept.

| October,

Feb. 18, 1813.
Nov. 3, 1813.

vice of duty.
Date of ser. La


No. tours 1 Do. 2.

| Do. 3.
| Do. 4.
1110 5.

| Do. 6.
| Do. 7.
| Do. 8.
| Do. 9.
| Do. 10.

Do. 11

10. 12.


AN ACT to incorporate the Lexington Manufacturing


APPROVED, February 4, 1815.


WHEREAS, it is represented to the general assembly, that considerable sums of money have been expended in the purchase of ground, the construction of machinery and in the erection of a building within or in the vicinity of the town of Lexington, for the purposes of manufacturing woollen and cotton goods, and other articles ; and that from various causes, the present proprietors are unable to carry into full effect the objects of their undertaking, and have solicited an act of incorporation : Thercfore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That Charles Wi- Company in) kins, George Trotter, jun. Samuel Trotter. James corporated. Prentiss, John T. Mason, jun, and James D. Wolf, the present proprietors of the said establishment, together with such persons as shall hereafter become share-holders, in the manner herein directed, shall be, and are hereby erected into, and made a corporation and body politic, by the name, stile and title of " The Lexington Manufacturing Company;" charter. and shall so continue until the first day of January 1835: and by that name are hereby made able and Rights and pri capable in law, to have, purchase and receive, pos

vileges. sess, enjoy and retain, to them and their successors, lands, rents, tonements, hereditaments, goods, chattels and effects, of what kind, nature or quality soever, to an amount not exceeding their capital stock; and the same to sell, grant, demise, alien or dispose of; to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, defend and be defended, in any court of law or equity, or in any other place whatever: and also to ordain, establish and put into execution, such bye-laws, ordinances and regulations, as shall scom to them necessary and convenient for the government of said corporation, and which are not contrary to the laws of this state;

Duration of

and generally, to do and execute all and singular
the acts, matters and things, which to tilem it shall
and may appertain to do : Subject, nevertheless, to
the rules, regulations, restrictions and limitations,
hereinafter prescribed.

SEC. 2. Each share shall be five hundred dollars; Stork and sub- and the president and directors of the said instituseriptions.

tion, may direct subscriptions to be opened to till
the number of shares hereby authorized, or may di-
rect the sale of the same at public auction, under
such regulations as they may deem advisable, and
to the interest of the concern: Provided, that the
number of shares shall not exceed four hundred.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the present Jersenta subs: stock-holders shall have the right of subscribing at eribe present ca- par, the amount of their expenditures in erecting pital.

and managing the said institution,

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That the present

share holders, or a majority of them, shall meet at President, &e the house of John Postlethwait, in Lexington, witliLow elected:

in ten days after the passage of this act, for the pur-
pose of electing a president and three directors,
who shall continue in oflice until the first day of Jan-

úary, 1816 ; and the share-holders shall meet on When and where the first Monday in January in every year hereaf

ter, for the same purpose, at a place to be designated
for that purpose, by the president and directors
then in office; of wi.ich notice shall be given at
Jeast fourteen days, in some one or more newspa-
pers in Lexington. The president and directors
shall continue in office one year from the tiine of
their election ; and in case it shall at any time hap-

pen, that an el ction of a president and directors Powers arui duts. should not be made at the time required by this

act, the said corporation shall not for that cause be
deemed dissolved; but it shall be lawful for the pre-
sident and director's who were last in office, to con-
tinue as such until there is a new election; and it
shall be their duty, in a manner which shall be rc-
gulated by the bye-laws, to appoint another day for

the election of president and directors to serve for Vacancy, how the remainder of the year. In the event of death,

resignation or removal from the state, or of a refu-
sal to act as a president or director, his place inay

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a board.

Further powers

ufactories to con

may be supplieil by a new election of the shareholders, at a meeting specially called for that purpose.

Sec. 5. The president and two directors, or thres What No makes directors in absence of the president, shall form a board; and the president or one director shall have the power to call a general meeting of thie share-holders.

Sec. 6. The president and directors, for the time being, shall have power to employ such managers, given the Luard. mechanics, clerks or servants, as they may think necessary, for the business of the said corporation, and to allow them sucli compensation for their services as they may deem proper, and require seculrity for the faithful discharge of their several functions and trasts; and shall be capable of exercising such other powers and authorities for well governing and conducting the affairs of said corporation, as may be directed and described by the ordinances of said corporation.

What the man. SEC. 7. The said corporation shall be allowed to manufacture woolen, and cotton, and other goods, sist ufo as they may think most advantageous; and shall be allowed to buy, sell or exchange any raw material or artiele, for their use, and for the accommodation of their manufactory.

SEC. 8. At the annual and general meetings of Dividends, the share-holders, the president and director's shall lay before them a statement of the accounts, with such other information as they may think necessary; when such dividends of the profits shall be declared as they think advisable.

Sec. 9. The shares in said corporation shall be transferable, under such regulations as may be pro- rabies vided by the bye-laws of the said institution.

Sec. 10. The number of votes to which each Regulations as share-bolder may be entitled at a general meeting, shall be according to the number of shares he may hold, in the following proportion: For one share, ind not more than two, one vote; for every two shares above two, and not exceeding ten shares, one vote; for every five shares above ten, one vote ; but no person, co-partnership or body politic, shall be entitled to a greater number than thirty votes.

Shares transfer

to voting

and at all elections votes by proxy may be received, subject to the rules of the directory.

SEC. 11. Be it further enacted, that the said Powers denied

corporation shall not possess any power to loan or to corporativi, receive any deposits of money, for the pur

poses of discount, or in any wise to issue paper for and if exercised,

the purposes of banking: and if at any time hereCharter forfeited after, they presame to exercise any such powers,

this charter shall be considered as forfeited. Neither shall the said corporation contract any debts over and above one fourth part of their capital at any such time invested in stock; and if their contracts should at any period exceed such fourth part of their capital, and a consequent failure of property of the concern to pay those debts, each indiv ual shareholder shall be held responsible out of his own estate, in proportion to the interest he may hold in said institution, for the payment of such debts, contracted while a stockholder.

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IN ACT authorizing the copying sundry Books and

Alphabets in the Register's Office, and making pro-
vision for the payment therefor.

APPROVED, February 4, 1815.

WHEREAS it appears from the report of the committee appointed to examine the register's office, that in many instances copying and re-binding, are necessary, and that some important alphabets have been commenced by the register, and it being reasonable that a compensation should be made therefor,

SEC. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of Register to have the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall be the make alphabets. duty of the register of the land office, and lie is

hereby directed, to have the said copying done, to procure the aforesaid binding, and complete the aforesaid alplabets, on the plan commenced. And the auditor of public accounts is hereby directed, up

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