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[ 291 ) by them. The said lottery may be drawn in the town Lottery--when

and where drawn of Lexington, or at such other place as may be most expedient, giving due notice of the time and place of such drawing. The grand lodge of Ken. tucky may appoint two or more persons to superin- Perrons to super

intend drawing intend, in conjunction with two or more of the trustees, for the tiine being, of the town in which said lottery may be drawn, the drawing of said lottery, whose duty it shall be to see the same fairly and Examiners, manimpartially conducted : Each of said examiners and agers,et to take managers, and each clerk that may be employed, shall, before the drawing commences, take an oath to act fairly and impartially in the discharge of his several duties; which oath may be administered by any justice of the peace. If she said lottery In what times or any class thereof,be not drawn within three years be drawn. after the scheme of the same may have been published, the same shall cease, and the purchasers of tickets may demand and receive of the managers any money disbursed for tickets in said lottery.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the a- Managers to re aforesaid managers shall report to the grand lodge of Kentucky, at the next annual communication of said grand lodge in August, 1815, and t such time thereafter as may be ordered by said grand lodge, the progress made in the sale of tickets, or in the drawing said lottery: And it shall be their duty to pay over all and any money which may be raised in

and pay ever po the manner heretofore authorized, to the order of said lodge, or to such person or persons as may be authorized by said lodge to receive the saine, for the purpose of erecting and furnishing said Masonic Hall.

SEC. 5. Be it further enacted, That the grand Lot of ground master of Kentucky, is hereby authorized, by and which to erecta with the consent of the other officers of the grand lodge, to acquire by purchase, or accept as a donation, an eligible lot or parcel of ground not exceeding four acres, on which to erect the the said Ma. sonic Hall: And the title in and to said lot or parcel of land, with all and singular its appurtenances, so obtained as aforesaid, shall vest, and is hereby vest. ed in the grand master and other officers of the grand lodge of Kentueky, and their sucecssors in

port progresa


Masone Hall

office, to the sole use, benefit and behoof of the grand
lodge of Kentucky.

SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That if the
Managers may

said managers should sell or dispose of the whole
dio pose of maid scheme of the lottery hereby authorized, or any
lottery, and on
Var terms. class thereof, to any person or persons beyond the

limits of this commonwealth, which they are hereby
authorized to do, so as to raise the proposed sum,
the said managers or such as may act, are hereby
made responsible to the grand master of Kentucky
for the amount of said sale; which amount shall be
at least ten per cent. on the sum of the scheme so
disposed of : And the grand master, for the time
being, is hereby authorized to demand, sue for, and
l'ecover the same, in behalf and for the use of the
the grand lodge of Kentucky, for the purposes 2-


AN SCT establishing election Precincts in the counties

of Gallatin and Lewis.

Elotion pre

APPROVED, January 27, 1815.
SEC. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of

the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That all that part onet established of Gallatin county within the following bounds, viz. in Galiatin:

Beginning on the Ohio river at the mouth of the Lite

tle Kentucky,thence up the same to a place known by its boundary, the name of the Yellow Banks; thence a straight line

to where the county line crosses the present road
leading from Newcastle to Port William ; thence
with the Henry and Gallatin line to the Ohio river;
thence up the Ohio river to the beginning shall be an
election precinct, to be known by the name of the

66 Corn Creek Precinct:" and the elections therein, place of bolding shall be held at the house of William Wood, within ex ctions therein. said precinct.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That the sheriff of tennd elections Gallatin, or his deputy, shall attend said elections ;

and the county court of said county,, shall appoint

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Sheriff to at.


judges and a clerk, under the same rules and regu- to appoint judge

court Jations, and receive the same compensation as the es and clerk to

act therein. law directs in similar cases'; and all the voters within said precinct shall vote at the said Wood's or at the court-house, as they may elect.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the sheriff Sheriffs to meet who attends the elections within said precinct, make returns. shall meet at the court-house in Port-William, on the Friday next after each election, and there compare the polls of the several candidates; and give certificates conformably thereto.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That all that part Election of Lewis county lying in the following boundary, to- cincity in the wind wit: Beginning at the mouth of Kinneconick; thence up said Kinnecopick creek to the Fleming line; thence with the said Fleming line to the Greenup county line; thence with said Greenup line to the Ohio river; thence down said river to the begin ning, shall be an election precinct: and shall be called and knowu by the name of the “ Kinneconick Precinct.” And an election shall be held at the

ing electious house of William Bilderbacks, for the said precinct by the sheriff of the county of Lewis, or one of his deputies, at the same time, and in like manner, as elections are by law directed to be held : and all the voters in said precinct may vote at said Bilderbacks' or at the court-house of said county. The county court of said county shall, from time to time, to appoint judgappoint judges and a clerk to attend elections in tend elections. said precinct, in like manner as the law directs in similar cases : and on failure of such court, the she- Sheriff may fill riff shall fill such vacancies. And the said judges, clerk and sheriff, shall be entitled to the same allowance, to be paid in like manner, and subject to the same penalties, as is directed by law in similar cases. The sheriff attending the precinct, shall meet pare polls and at the court-house to compare the polls of said elections, agreeably to an act of assembly heretofore enacted regulating a precinct in said county of Lewis.


Place of hold.

any vacancy.

Sheriff to com

make retwins.



AN ACT allowing an additional Justice of the Peace

in the counties of Boone, Pendleton and Gallatin.

APPROVED, January 27, 1815.

SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the counties herein after named, shall be entitled to the follow. ing number of justices of the peace, in addition to the number heretofore allowed by law, to wit: The county of Boone, one ; the county of Pendleton, one ; and the county of Gallatin, one,


AN ACT allowing Tours of Duty to certain Volunteers

and Militia.

APPROVED, January 27, 1815.

Volunteers un

SEC. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of

the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the mounted der major Dud- volunteers who have, during the fall of the year one Ley allowed four thousand eight hundred and fourteen, served as such

under the command of Major Peter Dudley, in Upper Canada, and shall have been regularly discharged, including the officers and soldiers, shall be entitled to a credit for four tours of duty, in the service of the United States, of thirty days each.

Sec, 2. Be it further enacted, That the officers, Clay allowed six non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates, tours of duty. who served in the brigade under the command of

major-general Green Clay, in 1813, shall be entitled to a credit for six tours of duty in the service of the

United States. Tours of duty

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That all persons allowed certain that have been heretofore made prisoners by the Inprisoners of war.

dians or British, and kept longer in captivity than the time for which they were detailed, shall be en. titled to a credit for as many tours of duty as they

Under General

may have been absent from home, calculating from the day of rendezvous until the day of their return to the United States, and thirty days thereafter.


AN ACT to amend and reduce into one the several

acts, authorizing the apprehending of fugitives from justice.

APPROVED, January 27, 1815.


Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That whenever the

Duty of the governor or executive authority of any of the Uni- someonarin apo ted States or territories thereof, shall make on the citives from jar governor of this state, a requi-ition or demand to surrender any fugitive from justice, piiruant to the constitution and laws of the United States, it shall be the duty of the governor of this state to issue his warrant, directed specially to the sheriff of any county, or generally, to all sheriffs or constables in this state, authorizing and requiring them to apprehend said fugitive, and bring him or her before some circuit judge or assistant judge of the circuit hended may be court of any county, there to be further dealt with circuit of assist according to the provisions of this act.

ant judge. Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That such circuit or assistant judge, before whom said fugitive is the circuito as

l'he duty of brought, shall proceed by proper and legal testimo- distant judge. nay to enquire into the matter so far as shall be necessary to ascertain the identity of the person demanded by the requisition of the governor of such other state or territory, and mentioned in the warrant of the governor of this state ; and if such cir

May discharge cuit or assistant judge, shall be satisfied that the the person papa person apprehended is not the same demanded as a s not the persou fugitive from justice, he shall thereupon discharge him or her from the custody of the officer who has such alledged fugitive in custody : But if it shall

Judge to deliv: appear that the person so apprehended, is the same er up the persom designated in such requisition of the governor, or


if identified.

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