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To use oommon seal;

of making such gift or bequest: such money, goods, chattels or other effects, to be laid out and disposed of in the purchase of books, maps, charts, drawings, &c. for the use and benefit of the said company, a. grecably to the intention of the donors.

See. 3. Ante be it further enacteil, That the said Corporation Corporation, by the name and style aforesaid, shall made capable of be hereafter forever capable in law, to sue and be defending swits. sued, plead and be impleaded, in any court or courts

or other places, or before any judge or justice within this commonuealthi, or elsewhere, in all manner of suits, actions, or complaints of whatever kind or nature they may be, in as full and effectual a manner, as any other person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, may, or can do.

Sre. . And be it further enacted, That the said

corporation shall have full power to make and use 1 genaral a common seal, with such device and inscription as Tegulations.

they shall think proper ; and the same to break, alter and renew at pleasure ; to appoint a treasurer, secretary and librarian; to assign them their duties, fix their compensation, and remove him or them from office, and appoint another or others in their place, as often as they shall think proper ; to make and execute such bye-laws and ordinances as may be deemed useful to the institution; and the same to alter, amend or abrogate, at pleasure; to fix the price of new shares, and annual contributions on each share ; to direct how transfers may be made and certified, and judge of the persons proper to be admitted members; to procure by purchase, rent or otherwise, a suitable place for keeping the library ; to appoint the times for keeping the library open, and for taking out and returning books; to fill up vaeancies that may happen in their number between two half yearly meetings; to levy and collect fines and forfeitures, and to determine upon, and transact all matters appertaining to the said corporation or library company, agreeably to the rules, ordinances

and bye-laws thereof, during their continuance in Provisai

office. Provided, houerer, That not less than three of the direc ors shall be a quorum to do business; that no bye-law shall be made repugnant to the laws of this commonwealth ; and that no contributione


Five directorrs to


shall be laid on any slrare in any one year, greater than one fifth of the value of a share, without the consent of a majority of the members.

SEC. 5. Ind be it further enacted, That there shall be a semi-annual meeting of the members of


meetings ; direcsaid library company at the vibrary, or such suita- tors to have no ble place as the directors may from time to time appoint; of which the director's shali cause at last ten days notice to be given in at least one of the newspapers that circulate in the vicinity of MountSterling, or other notice allixed on the doors of the public houses or taverns in said town; at which time and planc. the members, or such of them as may be present, either personally or by proxy, evidenced b. writing under the hand of the shareholder', and shai' be chosen to serven

-how long not be in arrears for any annual contribution, tipes or forfeitures, shall elect and choose by ballot, five directors out of their number, to serve for the half year ensuing their election, and until others shall be elected, and consent to serve in their place: Provided, always, That a majority of the shareholders as aforesaid, either personally or by proxy, shall bo nec ssary to elect the directors, and that each share. holder shall be entitled to one vote for each share he shall possess in the institution,

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the directors shall cause the treasurer, secretary and li cretary and love

brarian; their dos brarian, to keep in suitable books for that purpose, ty. just and proper entries of all the proceedings and accounts of the company and corporation, and have them laid before the company at every half yearly meeting, previous to taking the votes for directors; and shall always deliver the said books, together with all the property of the company, in good order, to their successors in office, whenever required,

Sec. 7. And be it firther enacted, That the first election for directors by virtue of this act, shall be to be held,

on the last Saturday in February, 1815, and the second eleetion on the last Saturday in September next, and on the last Saturdays in February and September in every year forever thereafter: And in case a majority should fail to attend at the times appointed to hold elections of directors, &c. fifteen er more may constitute a quorum to do business.

Treasurer, so

When election9 shares.


Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That each share. Share-holders may relinquisk holder shall be at liberty at all times, to transfer or

relinquish his share or shares, and that he shall forever thereafter be released from all further contribution on account thereof.

Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, That the directors tors tes mellom appointed by this act, and their successors, shall hold ecs until super- their offices until superceded by an election held at

some of the semi-annual meetings of the company, directed by this act.

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That in all elecWinchester Li. tions for Directors of " The Winchester Library biory Company ; regulations about Company,” pursuant to the act of assembly in that

case made and provided, the five persons having a majority of the votes actually given, shall be considered as duly elected, whether a majority of all said share-holders shall vote or not, at said election any law to the contrary notwithstanding.


AN ACT for the relief of Charles Hutcherson.


APPROVED, January 26, 1815.

WHEREAS it appears to the present General-As. sembly, That Charles Ilutcherson is justly entitled to the sum of thirty-two dollars fifty cents, for the making and finishing a press for the public office of the adjutant general of this commonwealth, as certified by James Clarke, an assistant in the adjutant general's office, and approved of by the governor : and whereas it also appears, that the auditor of public accounts is not specially authorized by the laws now in force to issue to the said Hutcherson a war. rant for the above sum of thirty-two dollars and 50 cents; and it is but reasonable and just that he should receive payment therefor:

Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembla of the Coinmonwealth of Kentucky, That the auditor of public accounts be, and he is hereby anthorized and directed to issue to the said Charles Hutcher

son a warrant for the said sum of thirty-two dotlars fifty cents, payable out of the public treasury.


AN ACT to provide a seal for the Commonwealth,

and for the Secretary's Office.

APPROVED, January 26, 1815.

the state,


Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the

Secretary to Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall be the procure a seal kas duty of the Secretary of State to procure for the Commonwealth a seal, engraved with the same device and motto which were on the seal that was destroyed by the burning of the Capitol. He shall also procure a seal for his office, with a

For secretary suitable device, and the words, 6 Secretary's office, State of Kentucky," engraved thereon.

Should either of said seals at any time be destroy- Secretary to ed, or become unfit for use, it shall be the duty of

repaired and prothe Secretary, for the time being, to cause the to be repaired, or a new one to be procured in like manner.

The expense of procuring the seals aforesaid, and repairing the same, shall be paid out of the pub-pixpences to be lic treasury from time to time, in the same manner Treasury, as other expenses of the Secretary's office are

cause seals to be

cure new

onds same





AN ACT to amend the law respecting the Western

election precinct of Hardin county.

APPROVED, January 27, 1815.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Conmonwealth of Kentucky, That the place for holding elections in the western precinct of Hardin

county, shall in future be at the house of Richard Willett, at the Buck grove ; and that so much of the law as authorised elections to be held at Ben. jamin Shacklet's, be, and the same is hereby repealed.


AN ACT for the benefit of the Grand Lodge of Ken


APPROVED, January 27, 1815. SEC. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly of

the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall, and Managers of lot. tery appointed. may be lawful for Gabriel Tandy, Thomas Bodley,

Daniel Bradford, John Tilford and Doctor William Richardson, or a majority of them, to raise by way of lottery, in one or more classes, as to them may

seem most convenient and necessary, any suin not exSen to be raised, ceeding the sum of thirty thousand dollars, to be men det var appre appropriated in the erecting and finishing a grand

Masonic Hall, for the use and benefit of the grand Joulge of Kentucky, in the town of Lexington, And the said Gabriel Tandy, Thomas Bodley, Daniel Bradford, John Tilford and William Richardson, or such of them as may choose to act, shall,

before they enter upon the duties of their ofManagers ta fice, in the county court of Fayette, enter into bond sive bond.

with security to be approved of by said court, to the commonwealth of Kentucky, in the penal sum of sixty thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the several duties imposed upon them by this act: which bond may, from time to time, be put in suit in the name of the said commonwealth of Kentucky, by any person injured by a

breach thereof: And it shall be the duty of the said Managers to managers, within 90 days from the completion of the pay prizes.

drawing of the said lottery, to pay to the fortunato person, or persons, or to his, heror their order, all such prizes as may be due agreeable to the scheine which they may bave determined upon, and published


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