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Commissioner or

Hie duty,

and pay.


his duty,

or own real property therein, and above the age of eighteen years.

Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, That the board of trustees for said town may, at any time they may think proper, appoint some fit person, who shall reside in said town, as a commissioner, for the purpose of obtaining in such manner as the board may think proper, a list of all such persons and property aş may be subject to taxation by this act, in said town ; whoşe duty it shall be to proceed to obtain such list; and shall return the same to the said board, in such time, and in such manner, as the said board' shall direct, for the purpose of enabling said trustees to apportion the tax on said town. The said coinmissioner shall be alļowed such sum per day as the trustees may deem right, to be paid out of the money to be collected as taxes.

Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That after the said trustees have laid and apportioned the taxes under this act, they shall appoint a collector thereof, whose duty it shall be to collect and account for the same to the trustees, within six months after he shall have been furnished with a list of said taxes-and if any person shall fail, or refuse to pay the same, the said colleetor shall make distress and sale of any personal property, in the same manner as collectors of the revenue are directed to do ; and the said collector shall pay the money so collected to the trustees of said town: And the said collector shall be allowed six per centum on all monies which he shall have to distrain for, and such compensation for the collection of other taxes as the said trustees may think proper, to be paid out of said taxes.

Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That the collector shall give bond with security to the said trustees for the duo performance of his office--and shall also take the following oath, to wit; “I do solemnly swear, or affirm, (as the case may be) that I will faithfully, and truly, collect all taxes put into my hands for collection by the trustees for the town of which I am appointed collector, within my powerand I will pay all money so collected, to said trustces, according to law, So help the God.” Which

and pay.

To give bond.


Times of meet

said oath, either of the trustees are authorized to administer.

Sec. 9. Be it further euacted, That in case the How proceeden said collector shall fail to pay the money collected by against. him, to the trustees as aforesaid, they may, upon giving him ten days previous notice, in writing, recover judgment against the said collector and his security, in the county court.

Sec. 10. In case a vacancy shall happen in the said board of trustees, by death, resignation or vacancy of trus

tees, filled. otherwise, at any time the remaining trustees, or a majority of them, shall meet at the court house in said town, as soon as convenient, and fill such vacancy : which said trustee, or trustees, so appointed, shall possess the same power and qualifications as those elected at any general election—and they shall continue in office until the next general election for trustees.

SEC. 11. That said trustees, after they are elected, shall meet at the court house in said town, on the

ing. first Saturday in February, May, August and November, annually, and at such other times as they may think properin every year, as the internal policy of said town may require: And the trustees elected Term of office. in pursuance of this act, sball continue in office for and during the term of one year, from the time of their election and untilothers are elected in their stead.

Sec. 12. The said trustees may make, annually, such allowance to their clerk as they may think

pro- Clerk's

pay. per, to be paid out of any money collected agreeable to this act.

Sec. 13. That the said clerk shall take an oath, before he enters upon the duties of his office, to carefully keep and preserve the books, and all papers confided to him by the trustees, and to make true and correct entries of all bye-laws passed by said trustees-- which said oath shall be administered by the chairman of the board.

Oath of Trustees Sec. 14. That said trustees shall severally take an oath, before they enter upon the duties enjoined upon them as trustees ; which shall be administered by some justice of the peace, and recorded by the clerk of said trustees.

SEC, 15. In case the general election for trustees


Trustees fined.

Taxes of nog. residents, how collected

should, from any cause whatever, not take place on the first Saturday in April next, the present trustees for said town, shall appoint some other convenient time for the election of trustees; of which time pube lic notice shall be given on the court house door.

SEC. 16. A majority of said trustees shall have power to inflict a fine not exceeding two dollars, upon any of the trustees failing to attend any stated meeting of the board, without a sufficient excuse.

Sec. 17. Be it further enacted, That when any person, or persons, holding real property in said town, do not reside therein, it shall and may be law. ful for the town collector, to levy upon the goods and chattels of the tenant in possession, for the amount of tax due; or in case there should be no ten. ant, or occupier of said estate, it shall be lawful for the said town collector to make out, and place his tax bill in the hands of the sheriff of the county wherein the owner of the said lots or houses may reside; who shall receive and collect the same, under the same rules and regulations, fines and forfoit. ures, as the said collector is liable to.


AN ACT to authorize the Trustees of Bardstown,

Shelbyville and Lancaster, to cause the streets of said towns to be paved.

APPROVED, January 10, 1815. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of

the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Trustees to pare in front of the town of Bardstown shall have power, under

such rules and regulations as they may adopt, to compel the owners of lots and parts of lots in said town, to pave in front of their respective lots or parts of lots, as far as the middle of the street; and in case the said owners or any of them, sail or refuse so to do, the Trustees of said town shall cause the same to be done at the expense of said owners of lots : which expense shall be levied on, and recovered from the person or persons so

Trustees may

failing sad refaşing, in like manner as other monies may, or can now by law be levied and collected from the inhabitants of said town for any other purposes.

SEG. 2. Be it further enacted, That whenever the compel the street owners of three fourths of the ground on any of the best one of the mot the said streets of Bardstown, or any square of any owners of lats. one street, shall petition the Trustees aforesaid to have the same paved, that they shall have the power to compel the pavement thereof in such way as is above prescribed. SEC. S. And be it further enacted, That the Trus- Trustees of Lan.

caster may levy tees of the town of Lancauster, in the county of Gar- a tax. rard be, and they are hereby authorized to levy upon the real property and improvements thereof, of the said town, any sum of inoney not exceeding three hundred dollars, to be collected as heretofore, and applied towards keeping in repair the streets and alleys of said town.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That for the pur- byville may pave pose of enabling the Trustees of the town of Shelby- the streets. ville to pave, or cause th ir streets to b pavei, the game powers hereby granted to the 'Trustees of the town of Bardstown shall be, and is hereby granted to the Trustees of the town of Shelbyville.


AN ACT concerning the election of members of the

House of Representatives.

APPROVED, January 10, 1815.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That if any member of the House of Representatives shall, during the recess of the Legislature, résign his seat therein, and announce his resignation to the Governor, the Governor is hereby authorized and empowered, upon receiving such resignation during said recess, to issue a writ of election to fill the vacancy vecasioned by such resignatiop.


AN ACT to erect election precincts in the County of

APPROVED, January 10, 1813.

SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the General Asembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That all that part of Floyd county within the following bounds, towit: Beginning at the mouth of the Tugg fork of Big Sandy river; thence up said fork to the mouth of Rockcastle creek ; thence up said creek to the Grassy fork of said creek; thence a straight line to the mouth of Tom's creek, on the Levica fork of Sandy ; thence up said creek to the road leading to Little Sandy Salt-works; thence with said road to Greenup line, so as to include all the inhabitants on Blain creek within the bounds of Floyd ; thence with the Greenup and Floyd line to the beginning,

shall be one election precinct; and the place of holdGeorgets creek ing election in said precinct shall be at the house of precinct. Michael Auxer, at the mouth of George's creek,

and sball be known by the name of “ George's creek precinct.”

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That all that part of Floyd county within the following bounds to-wit: Beginning where the state road crosses Blackwater creek, on the county line of Floyd ; thence with the said county line, crossing Licking river, to the Dividing Ridge between Little Sandy and Licking rivers ; thence with the said ridge to the Burning spring fork of Licking; thence south to the county line of Floyd; thence with said line to the beginning, shall be one election precinct-and

the place of holding election in said precinct shall Licking pre- be at the house where John Hammons now lives,

and shall be known by the name of The Licking precinct.?'

SEC. 3. And be it further endcted, That the prinsfidgesand clerke cipal or deputy sheriffs of Floyd, shall superintend

said elections hereafter to be held in said precincts; and said county court of said county, shall appoint Clerks and Judges to attend elections in said pure


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