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Frankfort, to extend Catfish and Buffaloe For appropriating the vacant lands in this





For the benefit of Fielding Jones, late she- For the benefit of William Dupuy, and o-

riff of Henderson county,.

323 thers,


For the relief of the sheriff of Nelson For the benefit of Jeremiah Munsey, 406


ib. For the relief of the sheriff of Hardin and

'To incorporte the Lexington White Lead Floyd counties,


Manufacturing company,

325 For the relief of the heirs of Samuel Shan-

To provide for the payment of certain mi- non, deceased,


litia of this state,

329 To provide for the opening a road, running

Authoriz ing a certified transcript of any from Lindsey's station, in Scott county, on

record of the auditor, treasurer or re- Lacount's run, to the Ohio, between the

gister, to be evidence in law,

350 Big Bune and the mouth of the Kentucky

For the relief of James Barnett,

ib. river,


To amend the several acts, aut horizing the

To regulate the penitentiary,


change of venue in civil cases,

331 Bo provide for the further publication of

To amend and reduce into one the several the decisions of the court of appeals, 414

acts respecting the militia,

336 Authorizing and defining certain duties to

To incorporate the Lexington manufactur. be performed by the quartermaster gen.

ing company,


eral of this state,


Authorizing the copying sundry books and To increase the capital of the state bank, 419

alphabets in the register's office, and ma- Establishing the town of Covington, at the

king provision for the payinent therefor, 380

mouth of Licking,

For the relief of the sheriff of Clay county, 381 Concerning the state-house.


To repeal in part the tenth section of an Altering the December term of the general

act of Virginia, of 1748, entitled " An act court, and regulating motions against de

directing the duties of surveyors of land,” 382 linquent clerks, and for other párposes, 423

Reserving certain property from execution, ib. Concerning the town of Port-William, in

Adding a part of the lands of the heirs of

Gallatin county,


Colonel Abraham Owen, deceased, and

Authorizing the transcript of certain re

of Doctor James Moore, to the town of

cords and papers in the county court of


383 Pendleton,


Authorizing the Bounty court of Henry to

Supplemental to the act further to regulate

extand certain alleys in Newcastle, 384 the payment of the debt due the common-

For the benefit of the heirs of Joel Hamm,

wealth for the sale of vacant lands, 429


385 More effectually to enforce the law directing

To dispose of the records and papers of jus-

the mode of taking in lists of taxablc pro-

tices of the peace, whosc offices have be- perty,


come vacant,

386 To reduce the revenue tax for 1814, to be

To provide camp, equipage, &c. for the

collected in 1815.


troops now destined for Detroit, -388 Authorizing certain advertisements to be

Supplemental to the act establishing the

published in “ The Telescope,”


counties of Allen and Da viess,


To amend the several acts concerning the im-

To authorize Jacob Rees to build a millon

portation and emancipation of slaves, 435

Big Barren river, and for other purposes, 390 To amend the penal laws of this common.

To suspend law process in certain cases, 391 wealth,


To amend the several acts respecting pro-

Supplemental to the act to regulate the

ceedings in chancery and at law, 396). Penitentiary,


Authorising certain advertisements to be Concerning county levies and certain offi-

published in the newspaper, entitled “The


Impartial Observer, printed at Harrods-

For the appropriation of money,



397 Resolutions,


cers' fees,

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N ACT authorizing the insertion of certain adver

tisements in " The Kentuckian," published in Shelbyville ; the Weekly Messenger," printed in Russellville, and the Winchester Advertiser," printed in Winchester.

APPROVED, December 19, 1814.

Sec. 1. it enacted by the General Assembly of The Commonwealth of Kentucky, That it shall, and may be lawful, for any advertisements which are by law required to be published in a newspaper, to be in serted in The Kentuckian,' published in Shelby ille, the "Weekly Messenger," published in Russellville, and the “ Winchester Advertiser," published in Winchester, Kentucky; and the Editor or Editors of said papers, shall be entitled to the same fees, and be governed by the like regulations, as other printers in this commonwealth: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed so as to authorize the insertion of such advertisements in said papers, as are particularly required by law to be published in the paper of the public printer.


AN ACT for the relief of the Trustees of the Grear

ville and Greenup Seminaries.

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WHEREAS, it is represented to the present

General Assembly, by the trustees of the Greenup Prearable, and Greenville Seminaries, That on account of cer.

tain embarrassments to the titles of land, vested in them as trustees, lying in the county of Christian, they have made a compromise and sale of said lands to Joshua Caits :

SEC. 1. Be it therefore enacted by the General As

sembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Sale of 5,700 compromise and sale of 3,700 acres of land lying aeres eonfirmed

in the county of Christian, contained in two several surveys, one of 3,200 acres, the other of 500 acres, vested in the trustees of the Greenup Seminary, and by them sold to the said Joshua Caits, on the second day of November, 1814, be, and the same is hereby ratified and confirmed.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the com

promise and sale of 3,650 acres, lying in the county Sale of 5,650 of Christian, and vested in the trustees of the actes benfirmed.

Greenville Seminary, and by them sold to said Joshua Caits, in January, 1814, be, and the same same is hereby ratified and confirmed.


AN ACT for the relief of the Sheriffs of Christian

and Livingston counties.

APPROVED, 19th December, 1814.

WHEREAS, it appears that John Wilson, sheriff of Christian county, has been prevented in the pres. ent year, from the collection of a part of the revenue of said county, of the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen; and also from getting a delinquent

Six months al

list allowed for part of said county, by the sudden,
accidental death of one of his deputies--For remedy

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of
the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the further lowed the sheriff
time of six months be allowed the said sheriff, te of Christian to
make the collection of, and pay into the treasury, nue, and re urn

bis delinquent that part of the revenue yet uncollected and unpaid, list. and to get allowed that part of the delinquent list of said county yet unallowed.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That the county eourt of Christian may, at their February or March

County court ot terms, next, proceed to examine and allow the said christian may aldelinquent list the same as if it had been examined quent list. and allowed at the November term last ; and on its production to the auditor, properly certified, he is hereby authorized to receive and allow the same, as if produced in the usual time.

And whereas, it is represented to this General Assembly, that Isaac Coffield, deputy sheriff for Jo- Recital seph Reed, sheriff of Livingston county, had a considerable amount of militia muster fines put into his hands for collection, by the paymaster of the twenty-fourth regiment of Kentucky militia, and ewing to extreme sickness of said Coslield, he has not been able to make a return to said paymaster, of the delinquents he could not collect from ; Wherefore,

Sec. 3. Be it enacted, That the said Isaac Cof- if of Livingston field have the further time of six weeks, from the

of delinquentsfet passage of this act, to make ont a list of all that muster fiarow, were delinquents at the time he should have made his return; and the said paymaster is hereby required to receive the said list, and allow the same, as if it had been produced in the time prescribed by law.

Further in allowed the sher

to make out a list

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AN ACT for the relief of John Francis and Richard
Slavey, and Joseph Barnett and his Associates.

APPROVED, 220 December, 1814.
WHEREAS an act passed on the thirty-first day
of January, one thousand eight hundred and eleven,

Three years


granting certain lands to John Francis and Richard Slavey, for the benefit of salt-works, on condition of their manufacturing one thousand bushels of salt in three years : And whereas it appears, that tho said Francis and Slavey have been prevented from progressing with their said salt-works, in consequence of the absence of one of the principal persons interested in said business, in the army of the United States, a considerable portion of the time since the passage of said act, and of the indispo, sition of another:

SEC. 1. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assem.

bly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the furallowed Francis ther time of three years begranted to the said Francis comply with the and Slavey, to manufacture the said quantity of requisition of a salt-on their doing of which, the same shall be as sembly effectual in securing the said land, as if they had

complied with the requisitions of the before recited act.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the further

time of three years from the prssage of this act Three years be given to Joseph Barnett, Samuel Snoddy, John allowed Joseph

Kincaid, William Baugh, Nathaniel Lewis, Da. niel Bates, William Woods and David Kincaid, to comply with the requisitions of an act of the General Assembly, approved the 25th day of January, 1810 entitled “ An act for the benefit of

Joseph Barnett and his associates," to completo Provisor

their title to lands therein granted for the purpose of making salt: Provided however, That Joseph Barnett and his associates aforesaid shall pay ten dollars per hundred acres only, as the state price.


Barnett and 0thers for thc same purpose.


IN ACT for the relief of Oliver Porter.

APPROVED, December 220, 1814.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the circuit court for the county of Butler, shall be and is hereby ille

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