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The benefits to be derived from with kindred spirits? We love attending a prayer.meeting de. to share our joys and our sorrows pend very much upon the state with others. And if the heart is of mind with which we attend interested in religion, this princiupon our daily business. Do you ple of our nature will bring us indulge a worldly-minded and together in the social circle, to covetous spirit? Do you suffer pour forth our united prayers yourself to forget God in your and complaints into the bosom of worldly business? In a word, our common Parent. And we instead of living for the glory of venture to say, that where prayerGod, are you living for yourself? meetings are neglected, the closet If so, you have only to look into is seldom or never frequented. your own heart for the cause of the dullness and unprofitableness Pray for your Minister. of the prayer-meeting.

Few Christians are fully im“But the prayers are so te- pressed with the importance and dious." We wish there were no advantage of this duty, both to ground for this complaint. The themselves and the church of petitions of a hungry soul are soon which they are members. This offered up, as a hungry child duty faithfully performed blesses asks for bread in few words. In the pastor—blesses the Church social meetings, no prayer should and cause of Christ, and blesses exceed five or eight minutes. him who offers this prayer of

Let the hymns also be short, faith. If Christians were united and the singing animated. The and importunate in praying for exercises should be varied. their ministers, how would reSomething more should be in- vivals be multiplied, and convertroduced than mere singing and sions to God be greatly increased! praying. The reading of a few Pray, then, for your minister.

. verses of Scripture, a striking 1. For divine grace to renew, anecdote, or some appropriate re- quicken, and preserve him as a marks, will add greatly to the in- vessel unto honor, sanctified, and terest and profit of a prayer. meet for his Maker's use. meeting

2. That the Holy Spirit may so “ But we have no prayer- apply his studies, that he may meeting in our neighborhood.” ever be a learner, and always a And are you a Christian, sur. teacher. rounded by fellow-Christians, 3. That the Lord would so orand yet without a prayer-meet- der and sanctifiy his experience, ing? To what purpose is man and direct and bless him in the made a social being, if in the most use of his talents, as to prove important business of life, his so that he was sent and is owned cial nature is to be entirely lost of God. sight of, and his social feelings 4. That he may always be faithdisregarded ? if, in the purest ful as a preacher, diligent as a pleasure of which his nature is pastor, and exemplary as a patcapable, he may not participate tern.

and peace.

5. That he may never trifle The Night in the Garden. with the word of God, the souls

It seems to me that the history of men, or the delusions of Satan. of the world can not exhibit an

6. That he may be preserved act of higher, nobler courage than from diminishing his usefulness our Saviour performed in coming' by a political, a worldly, or a down to meet Judas and the careless spirit.

armed band, the night before he 7. That he may be watchful to was crucified. Just imagine the discover, and labor to improve scene. On the eastern side of opportunities of usefulness. Jerusalem, without the walls,

8. That his hands may be there is a sudden descent to a strengthened ; by God's provid- stream, which flows through the ence restraining the wicked — valley. Across this stream, on his grace renewing and comfort. the rising ground beyond, was a ing penitent believers—and his quiet and solitary place, where power preserving his spiritual Jesus often went for retirement children in truth, righteousness, and prayer. He understood very

well his approaching torture and 9. That his principles and con- crucifixion; he had taken, the duct may invariably be regulat- evening before, his last sad fareed by the commands and exam- well of his disciples, and with ple of Christ.

the day of agony and death be. 10. That he may realize and fore him on the morrow, he could diffuse such an unctional spirit, not sleep. It was a cold night, as may be most salutary to him- but a sheltered dwelling in the self and profitable to others. city was no place for him. He

11. That God may dispose him asked his three dearest friends to to ascribe the success of his la- go with him, that he might once bor to the divine purpose, mercy more cross the valley, and for

the last time take his midnight 12. That he may be blessed walk upon the Mount of Olives

. with such encouragement in his Oppressed with anxiety and sorwork, as may prove a constant row, he fell down alone before stimulus for renewed exertions. God and prayed that he might be

Remember that the most en- spared what was to come. He lightened, faithful, talented, and had gone on firmly thus far, but consistent minister is but a man; now his heart almost failed him. and pray for your minister, as Six long hours of indescribable St. Paul exhorted the Romans to agony seemed too much for the

frail human powers which must "Now I beseech ye, brethren, necessarily bear the whole. He that ye strive together with me prayed God to spare him if it in your prayers to God for me ; could be possible. that I may be delivered from But it could not. His strength them that do not believe, and failed under the exhaustion prothat my service may be accepted duced by his mental sufferings, of the saints."

and by the more than death-like

and power.

pray for him.

perspiration which the night-air, him back to such enemies and so cold at this season that even such a death, exhibits the loftiest the hardy soldiers needed fire, example of fortitude which the could not chill. Mysterious help world has ever seen. There was from heaven restored him a little, less noise, less parade, less display but though refreshed through than at Thermopylæ or Trafalheavenly sympathy, we must re- gar; but for the real sublimity member that it was human pow- of courage, the spectacle of this ers that had this trial to bear, solitary and defenseless sufferer,

At last there is heard through coming at midnight to meet the the trees, at a distance down the betrayer and his band, beams valley, the sound of approaching with a moral splendor which voices. Lights are seen too; and never shone on earth before, and now and then a glittering weapon. will probably never shine again. They are coming for him. Fly! –J. ABBOTT. innocent sufferer, fly! Turn to the dark solitudes behind you, and fly for your life! No. The

The Little Coffin. struggle is over. The Saviour, FEW households have been collected and composed, rises and saved from the sad sight of the walks on to meet the very swords little coffin: and spears sent out against him. We must remember that there

“There is no flock, however watched or

tended, was nobody to encourage him, But some dead lamb is there." nobody to defend him, or to share his fate. It was in the darkness The births and the early deaths and stillness of night, the very of little children are a great myshour of fear and dread; and the tery; Nature has nothing to say approach of those whose dim in the way of consolation by forms and suppressed voices ar

the infant's grave. Wordsworth rested bis attention, was the sig. says: nal not of danger but of death; "In an obscure corner of a country nor of death merely, but of pro- churchyard I once espied, balf overgrown tracted and unutterable torture.

with hemlock and nettles, a very small Still he arose and went forth to nothing more than the name of the do

stone laid upon the ground, and bearing meet them. “Whom seek ye ?” ceased, with the date of birth and death, said he; “I am he.” We have importing that it was an infant which had

been born one day and died the following. read this story so often that it I know not how far the reader may be in has lost its impression upon us; sympathy with me, but more awful thoughts but could we come to it afresh, of rights conferred, of hopes awakened, of and really appreciate the gloomy, were imparted to my mind by that inscripdreadful circumstances of the tion there before my eyes, than by any scene, we should feel that the de- other that it has ever been my lot to meet serted Saviour, in coming down, with upon a tombstono.” under these circumstances, to It is a great mystery, but who meet the torches and the weapons shall say how many hearts have which were to light and guard been kept tender by the death of

your love

a little one? We knew a hard broken law be honored by the man ourselves--a hard old man, perfect obedience and death of a solid piece of human earth, another in his stead. Can any of nearly seventy years of age, who you devise a plan upon which I often wept when it came to him may spare the rebel, and yet preto think of, or remember, or serve the dignity of my character speak of a little only child, who and the honor of my throne ? died at the age of four. Nothing Can any of you take his place, else moved him; but the memory obey my law, bear my wrath, of that little creature had power and die for him? Or must the to turn the heart to rivers of rebel die ?" water. The wondrous words and ways of the little ones, inarticu

Go to the Prayer-Meeting. late words, and sounds, and un

LET attendance on the meetings conscious little cleverness, come be regular and constsnt. If your very clearly and sadly upon the faith is weak, go.

If heart.

is chilled, go. If hope be cloud"Two little children were one day seen ed, go. Every professed Christvery ill in the same room. The oldest of ian should be sure, if possible, to the two was heard frequently attempting to teach the younger one to pronounce the go, that the activities of the soul word 'Hallelujah!' but without success; may be stirred up and drawn out the dear little one died before he could re- in the service of Christ. If you peat it. When bis brother was told of his have for a long time staid away, death he was silent for a moment, and then, looking up at his mother, said: “Johnny can and the Christian armor has got say Hallelujah now, mother! In a few rusty, go. “Prayer makes it hours the two little brothers were united in bright,” burnishes the shield, the heaven, singing hallelujah together."

sword, the helmet, and the breastThus with the words of their plate of righteousness

. Go, if departed darlings, parents should only a few are expected to be comfort each other, as parents there, for if you stay away the only can.- Wm. Logan's TVords of number will be less. Go, expectComfort for Parents Bereaved of ing the presence and refreshings Little Children.

of the Holy Spirit, and expecting to meet Christ there, agreeably

to his promise, that where two A Council in Heaven !

or three are gathered together in THERE was a council in heaven. his name, he will be in the midst Jehovah assembled the holy in- of them. Be sure to go, always telligence of light around his to go, to the prayer-meeting, when throne. He informed them man possible, even at the sacrifice of had violated his command by ease and profit in worldly things, eating of the forbidden tree. and you will find a rich reward "My justice," he said, "requires in it to your own soul, and the execution of the sentence see blessings descend upon the passed upon him; or that the Church of Christ.

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SOME OF THE PROVIDENTIAL LESSONS OF 1861. "I WILL remember the works of the Lord : surely I will remember thy wonders of old

. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings. Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God! Thou art the God that doest wonders: thou hast declared thy strength among the people.”—Psalm 77: 11-14.

THE close of the year has always been regarded as a period well adapted to a serious review of life. On reaching it, a thoughtful man will instinctively turn back to consider the path he has been traveling, and the principles which have guided him. It is quite impossible to attain a high degree of personal wisdom and culture without occasional seasons of calm, honest selfinspection; and there is a natural fitness in the closing of the year for such a task. It is a favorable moment, also, for considering the ways of God, and studying those great principles by which he governs the world. I recollect hearing the celebrated Professor Ritter, of Berlin, remark, that if one wished to understand the configuration of the earth, he should begin by going forth into

* Preached on Sunday afternoon, December 29th, 1861.

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