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for whom I have run no such risk.” So it is in our labors for Christ. The more we do for him—the more we deny ourselves for him, the deeper will our love be toward him. Growth must have exercise; and we have ample room for it-in the family, in the Church, the Sabbath-school, the city, the land, the world. The whole world now presents itself as a grand arena, for the exercise and discipline of the Church of God. There is enough to do for the highest spiritual development of every disciple; and our Christian progress demands that we cherish a practical sympathy with every movement by which man may be elevated and saved, and God glorified.

IX. Religious growth is no mere theory; it is a possible and a practical thing. A Christian who has aught of the love of Christ in him may have more of that love. He who is humble may be more humble. He who has faith may have a stronger faith. We have beautiful examples of growth in Scripture to stimulate us. Look at the Apostle John. When a young disciple, he wished to call down fire from heaven upon a village of Samaritans because they did not do as he thought they ought to do. Mark this same man after he had been some years in the school of Christ. You would hardly know the once quick and fiery disciple. Hear the aged and matured Apostle, ripe for the charity of heaven: “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God." "For he that loveth not his brother, whom he hath seen, how can he love God, whom he hath not seen?” A very different spirit this, from calling down fire from heaven!

So too mark the spiritual growth of the man who wrote the text. So weak was Peter's faith and devotion, in his early history, that the taunting of a maiden, in the hall of Pilate, led hiin to deny his Master, even with an oath ; but in process of time that weak faith was so increased, that Peter could meet scourging, imprisonment, and a bloody death without fear, for the sake of his Lord.

And so have we not known those whose Christian growth has been evident to all about them? Does not every Christian pastor's eye delight to rest upon one, here and there, in his flock, whose advance in holiness and usefulness is manifest day by day? What has been done may be done. And it is God's pleasure that it should be done in the case of each one of us; for this is the will of God, even your sanctification.

How blessed the privilege, that we may become more and more like our Saviour day by day. Men delight in growing rich, the scholar in adding to his stores of learning, the ambitious man de. lights in his growing popularity ; but how low and mean is all this, compared with the growth of the soul in virtue, in goodness, in holiness, in likeness to God.


With the advent of a new year and new volume of this work, we propose to begin a third series, and introduce a new feature into its original plan, in the confident hope of greatly extending its usefulness, and thus supply an important want.

1. We have chosen this heading-THE PRAYER-MEETING

because of its religious and practical significance. They are household words in the great household of Christian faith, redolent of privilege and duty by praying ones in all ages.

2. We believe that prayer-meetings, by the grace of God, are destined to increase in numbers and deepen in interest, till the spirit of prayer shall pervade the Christian world, and introduce the full-orbed splendor of millennial glory. We covet the privilege of aiding in the accomplishment of this blessed work.

3. We have received the approval and encouragement of fathers and brethren in the ministry cordially bestowed on this plan.

4. A leading object of this new feature is indicated by its name or title, THE PRAYER-MEETING. It is designed to place within reach, in convenient form, a rich variety of impressive and sug. gestive thoughts, as starting points, when needed, for further in. structive remark and comment by those who conduct the prayermeetings.

5. It is believed that in the absence of the pastor or minister from the prayer-meeting, which is not unfrequently the case, acceptable and appropriate aid, to give interest to the occasion, may be derived from the reading of some brief paragraph, article, address, or anecdote, laden with important truth, which may stir the hearts and serve to awaken thoughts and feelings, edifying and profitable.

6. If, in this way, with any subsequent changes or modifications which may be found desirable, we can render some humble service in this most important department of Christian instrumentalities, our chief object and desire will be gained.

7. We propose to gather up original and selected articles and anecdotes, which may best subserve the desired object. We hope to gather up treasures new and old.

8. We beg the aid and coöperation of pastors and brethren in the churches, to extend the circulation and usefulness of this work. We hope to render its pages so acceptable and useful, that it will find a place in many families and among private Christians. 9. A portrait, engraved some years since, and ready at hand, prefaces this volume, iņ uniformity with all the volumes from the beginning of the second series, as promised.

It may not be amiss to say here, that the present Editor of the PREACHER has conducted it for about fourteen years, with an interval of several years, when it was not in bis hands. During his connection with it, he has printed and published not far from one million four hundred and seventy-five thousand copies of different discourses, as the figures show, from a goodly number of the ablest and most devoted ministers and pastors of this country. The varied authors of these discourses will doubtless learn in heaven the amount of good thus done to the cause of Christ and the sal. vation of souls. Many of these devoted ministers have years ago gone to their reward.

Fulton-Street Prayer-Meeting. faith has been brought into exerWe hope to report each month cise, how many hearts gladdened the most interesting and instruct- on earth and in heaven by the ive portions in the current his. conversion of many souls ready tory of this most remarkable to perish, will only be known at prayer-meeting of modern times. the disclosures of the final day. We have less space for it this

The old South Church will month than we intended. The ever be a memorable spot as the origin, history and progress of birthplace of souls.

And as the Fulton-street prayer-meeting, money could not buy the ground during the past years, and its for commercial purposes, it would fruitful results, are marvelous to seem as if God had put imperishall observant eyes. Scarcely since able honor upon it, as honoring the day of Pentecost has there him in the midst of such a city occurred in the annals of the as this, and before all the world, Christian Church such a chapter wherever the fame of it has gone. of blessed history, such answers to prayer, such a spirit of sup

For The Prayer-Meeting. plication, so widely diffused,

A Day on the Iceberg. and influencing and affecting so many hearts.

With such a record of results, THERE are moments in the life so new and fresh, it would seem of almost every man, which seem as if the praying ones in all Pro- to him peculiarly solemn testants churches would never ments when his insensibility gives again distrust the power of the way, and he feels the pressure of Holy Ghost, or God's readiness eternal things. He hears some to hear and answer prayer. How startling message; he is appallmany prayers have been offered ed by some sudden calamity; and answered, how much strong he is summoned to take a last



its very

farewell of some one called away fore the loud crash of the crumbbefore him to the silent land, or ling mass was heard. The scene it may be that, by sharp disease, of their gayety was covered with he is himself brought, for hours the huge fragments of the falling or days, to the verge of the grave. pinnacles, and the giant iceberg But these only are his solemn rolled over with a shock that hours. He shakes off the im- sent a thrill of awe and terror to pression, and plunges anew into the breast of every spectator. the vanities of the world, as Not one of that gay party could though probation were a holiday ever be induced to try that rash and death a dream.

experiment again. But is not all of life solemn? But what is this world with all Is not every moment momentous its brilliancy, with all its hopes, in its issues? Is there any point and its alluring pleasures, but a of time around which eternal in- glittering iceberg, melting slowly terests do not cluster-any stage away? Its false splendor, enin the pilgrimage of life which is chanting to the eye, dissolves, not beset by imminent dangers, and as drop after drop trickles or invested with solemn respon- down its sides, or steals unseen sibilities?

through its hidden pores, Some years since a vessel lay foundations are undermined, and becalmed on a smooth sea, in the the steady decay prepares for a vicinity of an iceberg. In full sudden catastrophe. Such is the view, the mountain mass of frozen world to many who dance over splendor rose before the passen- its surface, and in a false security gers of the vessel, its towers and forget the treacherous footing on pinnacles glittering in the sun- which they stand. But can any light, and clothed in the enchant- one who knows what it is, avoid ing and varied colors of the rain. feeling that every moment is bow. A party on board the ves- pregnant with danger, and that sel resolved to climb the steep the final catastrophe is hastening sides of the iceberg, and spend on? the day in a pic-nic on the sum- Is it in a merely fanciful alarm mit. The novelty and attraction that we warn you to flee from the of the hazardous enterprise blind- wrath to come, that we tell you ed them to the danger, and they that every moment of life is full of left the vessel, ascended the steep the deepest solemnity, and that we mountain of ice, spread their ta- admonish you of the treacherous ble on the summit, and enjoyed character of hopes that glitter like their dance of pleasure on the the pinnacles of the iceberg in the surface of the frosty marble. No- sunlight, which a moment may thing disturbed their security or crumble to ruined fragments, marred their enjoyment. Their strewn over your grave? If it sport was finished, and they made is solemn to die, is it not solemn their way down to the water level to live, when any moment may and embarked. But scarcely had be the door through which you they reached a safe distance be- may pass into eternity ? What are all the objects upon which you any reason to believe that they rely-health, strength, youthful had rest in Jesus? If parted vigor-but the frozen marble be- from you now, would there be neath your feet, that may yield in any ground to hope that you an hour, when you dream not, would stand together at the right and leave you to sink in a river, hand of the Judge ? which no plummet can fathom ? And yet God has made you Could you be so secure, so heed largely responsible for them. less of warning, if you realized You can almost draw them with your true condition ?

you into the ark, if you will truly

enter yourself.' You can dediFor The Prayer-Meeting.

cate them to God; you can in

tercede in their behalf; you can Come with all thy Family.

hold up to their view the peace, “COME thou with all thy house," the blessedness, and hope of a is the divine invitation and the child of God; you can point to divine command. God has linked heaven, and lead the way. Oh! you by the strongest affections to if the venom of your example others—friends, kindred, bone of should poison their lives, if your your bone, and flesh of your flesh. contempt of Christ and his ordi. How kindly, how tenderly has he nances should be copied by them, bound np the welfare of others if your prejudices and passions with your own! They can not and schemes should be transsuffer, but you suffer with them. planted to their bosoms, if the They can not rejoice, but your taint in your blood should be heart beats in glad sympathy with transferred to their veins, if your theirs. Let their names be tarnish- selfishness, vitiated tastes or dised, and yours is involved. Let eased piety, should become their them become profligates, blasphe. inheritance - then, though you mers, reprobates, and your gray yourself might be saved, even as hairs will be brought down in sor- it were by fire, how would the row to the grave. Let them be harvest of your folly descend to brought low by sickness, so that them as their heritages of woe! the flame of life flickers in the You can not fail in duty, you can socket, and you begin to fear that not refuse to enter, or enter hesiyou must soon prepare their tatingly the ark, without imperilshroud and coffin, and how a ing their salvation. Oh! bring weight of lead rests upon your them with you as you come! If beart!

you have found Jesus, point him But are they not in greater out to them. You are united in peril ? Is not their immortal affection; you are conjoined by destiny at stake? Are they not a common sympathy. Beware living without God, and without how you allow any line of sepahope? Are they not every day ration to be drawn, which will adding new sins to the catalogue leave them excluded from the of an ungodly life? If they were refuge in which your soul has cut down now, would you have found a shelter.

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