The Mercantile navy list. 1848 [4 issues], 49 [2 issues], 50-53,57-61,64-71,80,81,92-1939

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Page 12 - Boards, and arrangements have been made for holding the examinations at the several ports upon the days specified against them ; and these days are so arranged for general convenience, that a candidate wishing to proceed to sea, and missing the day at his own port, may proceed to another port where an examination is coming forward. The days for commencing the examinations at the various ports are set forth in pages 8 to 11 of this work.
Page 12 - Ship," goes to sea as such Master or Mate without being at the time entitled to and possessed of such a Certificate as the Act requires, or who employs any person as Master or First, Second, or Only Mate of any "Foreign-going Ship," or as Master or First or Only Mate of any "Home Trade Passenger Ship...
Page 13 - Ordinary has only served iu a fore and aft rigged vessel, and is ignorant of the management of a square rigged vessel, he may obtain a certificate on which the words "fore and aft rigged vessel
Page 12 - ... unless at least one officer besides the master has obtained and possesses a valid certificate appropriate to the grade of only mate therein or to a higher grade; and every person who, having been engaged to serve as master or as first or second or only mate of any foreign-going ship...
Page 14 - The candidates will be allowed to work out the various problems according to the method and the tables they have been accustomed to use, and will be allowed five hours to perform the work ; at the expiration of which, if they have not finished, they will be declared to have failed.
Page 14 - If an applicant is examined for a higher rank and fails, but passes an examination of a lower grade, he may receive a certificate accordingly, but no part of the fee will be returned.
Page 12 - ... goes to sea as aforesaid as such master or mate without being at the time entitled to and possessed of such a certificate as hereinbefore required, or who employs any person as master, or first, second or only mate of any foreign-going ship...
Page 184 - The owners of every ship navigating between the United Kingdom and any place out of the same...
Page 14 - He will also be questioned as to his knowledge of the use and management of the mortar and rocket lines in the case of the stranding of a vessel, as explained in the official log-book.
Page 12 - A certificate of competency for a foreign-going ship shall be deemed to be of a higher grade than the corresponding certificate for a home trade passenger ship...

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