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Tuesday, January 8, 1952


Second session of the Eighty-second Congress convened.


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Chamber Action
Routine Proceedings, pages 1-2
Bills Introduced: Four resolutions were introduced,
as follows: S. Res. 231-234.

Pages 4, 14 Condolence Resolution: Senate adopted S. Res. 231, expressing sorrow on the death of Senator Wherry, of Nebraska. Procedural Resolutions: The following procedural resolutions were adopted:

Notification to President: S. Res. 232, to appoint two Senators to advise the President that a quorum of the Senate is present and ready to receive any message;

Notification to House: S. Res. 233, advising the House of Representatives that a quorum of the Senate is present and ready to transact business; and

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House of Representatives

Pages 14-15

Chamber Action Bills Introduced: Thirty-eight public bills, H. R. 5869-5906; thirty-two private bills, H. R. 5907–5938; and fifteen resolutions, H. J. Res. 352 and 353, H. Con. Res. 173-176, and H. Res. 482-490, were introduced.

Pages 15-16, 27-29 Bills Reported: Reports were made as follows:

Progress report, first session, Eighty-second Congress, of the Select Committee on Small Business, pursuant to H. Res. 33 (H. Rept. 1228); and

Report of the Committee on Un-American Activities entitled “The Shameful Years—30 Years of Soviet Espionage in the United States” (H. Rept. 1229).

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Resignation of Member: Received notice of resignation of Representative T. Vincent Quinn, of the Fifth Congressional District of New York. New Members Sworn: Representatives-elect Robert D. Harrison, of the Third Congressional District of Nebraska; Frank C. Osmers, Jr., of the Ninth Congressional District of New Jersey; Karl C. King, of the Eighth Congressional District of Pennsylvania; Joseph L. Carrigg, of the Fourteenth Congressional District of Pennsylvania; Paul F. Schenck, of the Third Congressional District of Ohio; and Clifford G. McIntire, of the Third Congressional District of Maine, appeared at the bar of the House and took the oath of office.

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Pages 15-16

Notification of President: Adopted H. Res. 482, au- Joint Session: Adopted H. Con. Res. 173, providing thorizing appointment of three Members to join with that the two Houses of Congress assemble in the Chamthe committee of the Senate to notify the President that

ber of the House of Representatives Wednesday, Janua quorum of each House is assembled and is ready to ary 9, 1952, at 12:30 p. m., for the purpose of receiving receive communications. Representatives McCormack,

the President's message on the state of the Union. Doughton, and Martin of Massachusetts were appointed to this committee by the Speaker.

Order of Business: By unanimous consent, the House

dispensed with Calendar Wednesday business in order Notification of Senate: Adopted H. Res. 483, instruct

on January 9 and 16. ing the Clerk of the House of Representatives to inform the Senate that a quorum of the House is present and

Condolence Resolutions: Adopted H. Res. 485 and

486, expressing condolence on the deaths of Senator ready to proceed with business.

Wherry, of Nebraska, and Representative Whitaker, of Hour of Meeting: Adopted H. Res. 484, fixing, until

Kentucky otherwise ordered, the daily hour of meeting of the

Committee Meetings House of Representatives at 12 o'clock meridian.

No committee meetings were held.

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Wednesday, January 9, 1952


Both Houses heard President in joint session.

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Senate Chamber Action

Committee Meetings

D. C. CRIME Routine Proceedings, pages 29–30

Committee on the District of Columbia: Subcommittee Bills Introduced: One resolution was introduced, as

on Crime held an executive session, following which follows: S. Res. 235.

it was announced that the subcommittee would hold President's Message on State of Union: Senate met

daily public hearings, beginning Monday, January 14,

on crime conditions in the District of Columbia, and in joint session with the House to hear President Tru

that these hearings would be televised. man deliver his message on the state of the Union.

Pages 30, 31-35

Committee on Rules and Administration: In executive Condolence Resolution: S. Res. 235, expressing sor

session, committee voted to report favorably three origirow on the death of Representative Whitaker, of Ken- nal resolutions, as follows: To increase by $35,000 the tucky, was adopted.

limit of expenditures for the Select Committee on Small Business; to provide for the funeral expenses of the late Senator Wherry; and to authorize additional personnel for official reporters of the Senate.

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