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assumed by France, to cepose and imprison | majesty, nor the generosity of the British friendly sovereigns, and forcibly to transter nation, would admit his majesty's consent. to berself the allegiance of independent | ing to commence a negotiation, by the nations. When therefore it was proposed abandonment of a brave and loyal people, to his majesty to enter into negociation for who are contending for the preservation of a general peace, in concert with his majesty's all that is dear to nian; and whose exertions, allies, and to treat either on the basis of the in a cause so unquestionably just, his maUri Possidetis (heretofore the subject of so jesty has solenply pledged himself to susmuch controversy), or on any other basis, tain. consistent with justice, honour, and equality, his majesty determined to meet this seeming SPANISH Revolution. --First Bulletin of fairness and moderation, with fairness and the french Army of Spain, dated Vittoria, moderation, on his majesty's part, real and Nov. 9, 1809. (Continued from p. 928.) sincere.-The king professed his readiness The marshal duke of Danızic advanced to enter into such negotiation in concurrence against them, and broke through their centre. with his allies ; and undertook forth with The 58th and 32d reginients distinguished to communicate to them the proposals which themselves upon this occasion.--Had these his majesty had received. But as his events occurred in the plains, not a man of the majesty was not connected with Spain by a enemy would have escaped; but the mountains formal treaty

of alliance, his majesty of St. Andero and Bilbou are almost impaxaathought it necessary to declare, that the en- ble. The duke of Dantzic pursued thefce dura Sagements which he had contracted, in the ing the whole of the day in the passes of Valface of the world, with that nation, were masedla.-In these various affairs, the enemy considered by his majesty as no less sacred, have lost, in killedand wounded, from 350010 and no less binding upon his majesty, than 4000 men.-The duke of Dantzic particularthe most solemn treaties; and to express ly praises the generals of division Laval and his majesty's just contidence that the govern- Sebasuani, the Dutch general Chassey, coment of Spain, acting in the name of his lonel Lacoste, of the 27th regiment of light catholic niajesty Ferdinand VII, was un infantry, colonel Baco, of the 63d regiment derstood to be a party of the negotiation.- of the line, and the colonels of the regiments The reply returned by France in this pro- of Baden and Nassau, upon whom his ma. position of his siajesty casts off at once jesty has conferred rewards. The army is the thin disguise, which bad been assumed abundantly supplied with provisions, and the for a momentary purpose; and displays, weather is very fine. Our columns are with less than ordinary reserve, the arro. marching forward, and combining their gance and injustice of that governinent. morements. It is supposed that the headThe universal Spanish nation is described quarters will move forward to-night from by the degrading appellation of "the Spanish Vistoria. Insurgents;

and the demand for the ad. Second Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, mission of the government of Spain as a

dated Burgos, Nov. 12. party to any negotiation, is rejected as in- The duke of Danizic entered Valmaseda, admissible and insulting - With astonista- in pursuit of the foe. - On the 8th, general ment as well as with grief his majesty has Sebastiani discovered the rear-guard of the received from the emperor of Russia insurgents posted upon a high hill to the Teply, similar in effect, although less in- right of Valmaseda : he immediately advancdecorous in tone and manner.

ed against them, defeated them, and took jor of Russia also stigmatizes as

" insur

about 100 of them.prisoners. -11 the mean"rection," the glorious efforts of the time, the city of Burgos was occupied by Spanish people in behalf of their legitimate the army of Estremadura, consisting of three sovereign, and in defence of the indepen- | divisions. The advanced guard was comdence of their country; thus giving the posed of Walloons and Spanish guards; and banction of bis imperial majesty's authori

tbe students of the universities of Salamanca ly to an usurpation which has no parallel in and Leon, divided into several battalions, the history of the world. The king would and some regimenis of the line, with other readily have embraced an opportunity of ne- corps raised since the insurrection of Badagotiation, which might have afforded any hope jos, made the whole of the army amount or prospect of a peace, compatible with to little short of 20.000 men. The command justice and with honour. His majesty of the cavalry of the army was given to mardeeply laments an issue, by which the suf- shal the duke of Istria; and the emperor ferings of Europe are aggravated and pro

confided the command of the second corps longed. But neitfter the honour of his to marshal the duke of Dalmatia, Ou the

The empe

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10th, at day-l reak, the latter marsbal marcli- of Villarcayo; and at Reynosa is surrounded ed at the head of the division of Mouton, to by the marshal duke of Dalmatia. Impor. recopuoitre the enemy,

On reaching Gamo.

tant events must take place in that quarter, nal, he was received with the discharge of - General Milbaut, with bis division of ca. thirty pieces of arrijiery. This was the sig valry, has entered Palencia, and has sent of nal for advancing at the pas de charge ; detachments towards the outleis of Reynosa, ile infantry of the division of Mouton at. in pursuit of the park of artillery of the artacked them, supported by the artillery. my of Galicia.--The young students of Sa. The Wailoons and Spanish guards were de lamanca, who thought to accomplish the con feated at the first outset. The duke of quest of France, the fanatical peasants, who Istria, at the head of his cavalry, attacked already dreamed of plundering Bayonne aud them io thank. Tlie enemy were complete- Bourdeaux, and imagined themselves led on le routed; 3000 of them being left dead on by all the saints, being misled by the dreathe tield. We took iwelve pair of colours, cherous monks, are dispossesseri of ibeir {wenty-five pieces of cannon, and 3000 pri- foolish fancies. Their despair and dismay

The remainder were completely are at their beight. They deplore the wise dispersed. Our troops entered the city of furtunes of which they are become the prey, Burgos intermixed with the enemy, and the the lies which they have been made to be. cavalry pursued them in all directions.- lieve, and the struggle, without an object, This army of Estremadura, which bad come in which they are involved.—The whole from Madrid by forced marches, whose first plain of Castille is already overspread by our enterprise was the assassination of their un- cavalry. The zeal and ardour of our troops fortunate general count Torres, and which enable them to perform journies of fourleen was completely equipped with English arms, or fifteen miles a day. Our piquets are on besides being in ihe pay of England, is no the Duero. The whole coast of St. Andero Jonger in existence. The colonel of the and Biboa completely swept of the enemy. Walloon guards, and a considerable number The unfortunate city of Burgos, a prey tu of the superior officers, are prisoners. Our all the miveries of a town taken by storm, loss was very inconsiderable, consisting only trembles with dismay. Priests, monks, inof 12 or 15 killed, and at most 50 wunna habitants, Hled upon the first news of the ded; ouly'one captain was killed by a can- battle; terified lest the soldiers of the army non ball. --This altair, which we owe to the of Estremadura should altempt 10 defend excellent dispositions of the duke vif Dalmatia, i ilienuselves in the houses, which resolution and the intrepidity with which ihe duke of they probably made known beforeland ; Latriake on the cavalry, does the greatest

tirs plundered by these, and afterwards by honour to the division of Mouton; though our suidiers, who entered the houses, in or• it is well known that this division consists infi der w drive out their enemies, and found corps whose name alone bias for a long time There no inbabitants. Such inen as M. Ven been a title of bonour. The castle of Bur- ; Steine, who from wani oi troops of the line, gos has beeu. occupied, and was found in which our eagles could not oppose, form to good condition; it contained considerable idenselves the exalted idea of raising the quantities of flour, wine, and grain.-On people in a mans, have become witnesses the llib the emperor reviewed the division of the misfortunes which they have brought of gun. Bunnei, and immediately detached upon themselves, and of the small obstacks it towards the entrance of the p.sues of St.

which such auxiliaries can oppose to regular Andero.--The position of the army, this troops A Burgos and in its neighbourhool

, da;, is as follows. -The marshal dhe of Hoci to the value of thirty millions bas beta Bellina is in close pursuit of the remains of foundl, which bis majesty has caused to be the art of Gillicid, who are tikilig in ide i sequestrated. All of it that belongs to be direction of Villarcayo and Reyno, towards monds, end to those persons that have forma which points the duke of Dalmatia is also ed a part of the insurrection, shall be decisio marching. They can have no other resourse

edi forteiled, and slaall be first set apart fit than thuit of dispersing in the mountains, the indemnitication of the French, for the with the loss of artillery taggio,

and losses which they bave sustained; for in the c'ery thing that constituies du ariny. city of Madrid, Frenchmen, who had been Third Builetin of the French írny v Spuin, she there even for forty years, bave been dited Burgos, av, 13.

poobed of every tining, and the Spaniards The army of Gallicia, which tied from who were true to their king have been dieBilboa, is pursued by the marshal duke of clared emigrants. The property of Az3023, Belluno, io the direction of Espingsa; by a most virisious and intelligent minister; the marshi duke of Danvic, io te direction Niasseredo, a most experienced seamau ;

O'Farril, the best soldier in Spain, has been the conqueror of France." In this ridiculous exposed to public sale. The property of gasconade the countrymen of Don Quixose Campo Alanje, respectable for his virtnes, may be recognized.-- Worse troops cannot his rank, and his fortune, the proprietor of be found, whether employed on the moun60,000 Merinos, and of three millions of in- tains or in the plains. Clownishly ignorant, come, has been the prey of these infuriated toolishly obstinate, cruel towards the weak, men.--Another measure determined upon mean and cowardly towards the strong. by the emperor, is the confiscation of all the Such is the spectacle they exbibit to us. goods of English manufacture, and of all The monks and the inquisition have bethe colonial produce which has been di-load- wildered this nation.-Ten thousand light ed in Spain since the period of the insurrec- cavalry and dragoons, with 24 pieces of tion. The merchants of London have thus cannon, marched on the 11th, to fall upon done very well in sending their goods to Lis- the rear of the English division, which was hon, to Oporto, and to the Spanish ports. said to be at Valladolid. These brave troops The more they shall send, the greater will be advanced 34 miles in two days, but our the contributions which they will pay 115.- expectations were frustrated. We have The city of Palencia, governed by a worthy entered Palencia and Valladolid, and have bishop, has received our troops with affection. pushed on six miles further still none of That city suffers none of the miseries of war. the English, but prospects and assurances An honest bishop, who, animated by Chris. of finding them.-In the meantime, it tian charity, fulfils the precepts of the gospel, appears certain, that a division of their and from whose lips nothing but honey dis- troops have been disembarked at Corunua, tills, is the greatest blessing which Heaven and that another division entered Badajos confers upon man. An intemperate, odious, in the beginning of this nionth. The day and infuriated bishop who preaches up no. on which we shall meet them, will be at thing but rebellion, uproar, disorder, and festival for the French arny. May their war, is a curse whom God in his anger gives blood dye that Continent which they have to mankind, to mislead them in the very desolated by their intrignies, their monopoly, source of morality itself.-- There is a great and their horrible selfishness. Would they number of monks contined in the prisons of were, instead of 20,000, 80 or 100,000 Burgos. The peasants throw stones at them. strong, then would the English mothers

i Wretches ! said they to them: “ It is learn what are the miseries of war, and the you who have plunged us into this abyss English government would no longer con" of miseries. Perhaps we shall never again tinue to sport with the blood and the lives "behold our unfortunate wives, our dear (f the jeople of the Cantinent! The great"children. Wretches! a just God will pui. est falsehoods, the basest means, are practised

nish you in Hell for all the miseries which by English machiavelism, to mislead the

you have caliged to our families, and our nation ; but the great body of the people is “ native country."

good; Biscay, Navarre, Old Castile, and Fourth Bulletin of the French Army of even the greatest part of Arragon, are ani.

Spain, datul Burgos, Nov. 15. mated by an excellent spirit. The nation in Yesterday his majesty reviewed the divi- general views with profound sorrow the sion of Marchand, filled up the vacancies abyss into which it has been endeavoured to with the most deserving ohcers, and dis- plunge it, and will therefore curse the cause tributed rewards to the soldiers who had of so many evi's.-Florida Blanca, who was distinguished themselves. His majesty is at the head of the insurgents, is the same extremely well satistied with those troops who was minister under Charles the Third : who have cheerfully marched, without he bas always been the sworn enemy of balting, from the banks of the Vistula.- France, aod a zealous partizan of England. The duke of Elchingen bas marched from It is to be hoped that in his last dys he will Burgos. This morning his majesty reviewed acknowledge the errors of his politicol life. his guards on the plains of Burgos. His He is an old man, who, to the blindest majesty afterwards inspected ihe division of aitachment to England, joins the most unDessolles, and made appointments to all the bounded religious superstition. His confivacancies in that disision. Important events dents and trends are fanatics and stupid are at band; all the troops are in motion. monks.-- Tranquility is restored in Burgos Nothing can be done in war without follow. and its environs. The first moment of fury ing a well concerted plan

Among the
has been succeeded by contidence.

The prisoners there were some who had engraved peasants have returned to their villages and on theit buttons a fallen eagle, pierced by resumed their labours.--His majesty the two arrows, with the inscription-" To emperor is with his guard at Burgos.--

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General Milhaud is marching with his dici- the regiments of artillery, and of the troops siou upon Palencia. General Lasalle has which the trailor Romana had carried away taken possession of Lerma. -Thus, in an from the north. This army bad the pre. instant, have the armies of Gallicia been

sumption to attempt culling off our commo: defeated, dispersed, and partly annihilated, nication with Biscay. For ten days it was Rotwithstanding that all the corps of our driven from post 10 post; at last, on the army have not yet come up. Three fuurths joth of November, it arrived at Espinosa, of the cavalry, and almost one half of the where, in order to save its artillery, taga. infantry, remain behind.---The army of the zines, &c. it formed in order of battle, as insurgents exbibited the most singular con- it believed, in a situation not to be forced! trast. In the pockets of the officers who At three o'clock in the afternoon, marshal were killed were found lists of companies, Belluno arrived in front of the enemy; having some of them the name of Company general Patthod wis ordered to carry a small of Brutus, and some of them Company of battery occupied by the troops of the trailor the People. There were companies of Romana. This position was excelleat, and students, and others that had the names of defended by their best troops, but general saints. Such were the military bands that Paethod, with his corps, fell upon these composed the insurgent army of the peasants. troops, who had abused our confidence, Anarchy and contusion-these were what and broken their oaths. in an instant they England sowed in Spain. Wbat will she

were broken, and precipitated down the reap from them? The batred of this brave pre ipices. The princess's regiment w3s people, when they are once enlightened, destroyed. The eveny made several attacks, and under a good government; for the rest, in all of which they were defeated. During the extravagance of the leaders of the in

the night both armies remained in their surgents is every where notorious.-Among positions. Wbilst this was taking place, the standards that have fallen into our hands the duke of Dalıatia marched towards are some bearing a representation of the Reynosa, the only retreat of the enércy. Jion of Spain tearing in pieces the imperial At break of day the enemy were attacked, eagle. And who are they that have indul- both on the right and left, by the dukes of ged in such emblems? The worst troops Danizic and Bellumo, while general Mison that are in Europe. --The cavalry of the advanced against his centre; the ensmy army of Estremadura could not even fled, throwing away his arms and cover, much as, face us. The instant the 10th and abandoning his artillery. The duke e regiment of chasseurs came in sight of them, Dantzic touk at Reynosa their artners, they were put to the rout, and were no magazines, and baggage, and made serie Jonger to be seen. The emperor reviewed prisoners. Thus the enemy have been tured the corps of the duke of Dalmatia previous not only in Reynosa, but at Puencia ; (0 to its marching from Burgos in pursuit of pieces of cannon have been taken, 20,000 the rear of the army of Gallicia. His men killed or prisoners; two Spanish gene. majesty has made various promotions, dis- rals killed. All the succours in arms, åe: tributed rewards, and is extremely well sent by the English, have fallen into our satisfied with the conduct of these troops. hands. Blake saved himself by taking ta He has expressed his satisfaction to the con- the Asturian mountains.

Romana, with querors of Medina, Rio Seco, and Burgos, a few thousand men, is marching towards the marshal duke of Istria, and generals i St...Andero. Our loss is trifling in these Merle ard Mouton.

combats, not exceeding 80 killed, and 300 Fifth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, wounded. --We have not lost any officer of dated Burgos, Nov. 16.

distinction. The fate of the army of Estremadura has Sixth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, been decided on the plains of Burgos. The

dated Burgos, Nov. 18. Gallician army, beaten in the battles of Of the 40,000 men who composed the Durango, Guenes, and Valmaseda, has been

army of Gallicia, part has been killed and dispersed in the battle of Espinosa. This taken, and the rest is dispersed. The re: army was composed of the ancient Spanish mains arrive daily at our posts. The general troops which were in Portugal and Gallicia, of division Debelle bas taken 500 prisoners and which quitted Porto towards the end of in the environs of Vasconcelles. - Col. TasJune, the militia of Gallicia, Asturias, and chen, who commands the 1st regiment of Old Castile, of 5000 Spanish prisoners, chasseurs, attacked the escort of the Spanish which the English had clothed and armed at Gen. Acevedo ; the troops who composed their expence, and disembarked at St. Au- the escort having inade some resistance, dero, of the volunteers of Gallicia, &c. of they were all put to the sword. --General

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Bonnett, with his division, fell in with are no longer protected by the laws of na: the head of a column of fugitives, con. tions, which you have violated. You ought sisting of 2,000 men; they were parily to be put to the sword. The emperor contaken and partly destroyed. --The mashal duke of Istria, who commands the cavalry the rest, the regiments of Zamora and of the army, entered Aranda 00 tle

Princessa have suffered most severely. Very 16 h at noon : our advanced parties of horse few of them were left with their colours. go on the leti as far as Soria and Madriri, Eighth Bulletin of the French Ariny of Spain, and on the right to Leon and Kamora. The

dated Burgos, Nov. 22. enemy evacuated Aranda with the utmost The Duke of Dalinatia is following his precipitation, leaving behind them four successes with the utmost activity. A con. pieces of cannon. A considerable magazine yoy of artillery, ammunition, and English of biscuit, 40,000 quintals of grain, and a miskets was taken in the port of Cunillar, Jarge quantity of clothing, were found in the very moment the ships were on the that town.--At Reynosa numerous English point of getting under weigh -Gen. Surrat, effects were found, and a considerable quan- at the head of his brigade, continues vigotity of provisions of every description. -- rously to pursue the enemy. He has passed The inhabitants of Montana, and of the Moniuna, and entered Asturia.

The light whole plain of Castile, which extends to companies of the 36th regiment have seized, Portugal, and of the province of Leon, in the port of Santillana, an English condetest and curse the authors of this war, voy, laden with sugar, coffee, cotton, and and earnestly demand peace and repose : other colonial commodities. The number of 20,000 bales of wool, worth froin 15 to 20 English vessels, richly laden, which have millions, which were seized in Burgos, been taken on this coast, amounts, already, bave been sent to Bayonne.

to twenty-five. The 7th corps of the army Seventh Bulletin of the French Army of of Spain, commanded by Gen. Gouvion St.

Spain, dated Burgos, Nov. 20. Cyr, has also begun preparations. On the By the 16th the van of the Marshal 6th of November, the place of Rosas was Duke of Dalmatia entered St. Andero, invested by Generals Reille and Peno, and and found there a large quantity of the heights of St. Pedro were carried by the four, ammunition, and British goods. - Italians. A large number of Miquelets and The

bishop of St. Andero, animated English occupied the port of Silva; they r ther with the spirit of the devil than were attacked by General Fontana, at the that of the gospel, is always marching head of three battalions of light infantry, with a cutlass by his side ; he has ta- and dashed into the sea, with the loss of ken shelter on board the English fri. ten 24 pounders, four of which were Engates. The cavalry of Gen Lasalle has push- , glish, which they had not time to embark. ed its advanced posts as far as Sorne Sierra. On the 8th, the garrison of Rosas made a The regiments of Zamora, and of the Prin- sortie in three columns, protected by the cessa, which formed part of Romana's-divi: guns of the English ships. General Maresion, are alınost entirely anvihilated Sonne chelli killed 600 of them, and repulsed tho. Spanish officers, of the regiments of Zamora rest. It is supposed, that the head-quarters and Princessa, who were in the north, and will be removed from Burgos in the course who escaped from Zamora, were made pri of the night. soners. “ You took an oath of allegiance Ninth Bulletin of the French Army of Spain, to the king,” said some one to them. They

dated Aranda, Nov. 25. acknowledged they did. “ You bave violated The military system seems to have been your oath."

We only acted in obedience as follows:-On the left was the army of to our general." “ You formed a part of Gallicia, one moiety of which was comthe French army, and you recompensed the posed of troops of the live, and of all the kindest treatnient by the most infamous resources of Gallicia, Asturia, and Leon, treachery." They again replied: “ That In the centre was the army of Estremadura, they were under the orders of their General, which the English corps had promised to and that they had only obeyed him." “ You support, and which was composed of all the might have been disarmed," it was observed, resources of Estremadura, and the neigh" and perhaps that measure ought to have bouring provinces.-The army of Andalusia, - been adopted. But reliance was placed on Valentia, New Castile, and Arragon. stated your oaths. It is more to the glory of the to amount to 80,000 men, occupied, oa the emperor to bave to tight you, than to have 20th November; Calahoria, Tudela, and the been, induced to a step which might have borders of Arragon. This army supported been censured for too much mistrust. You the right of lic enemy, and was composed

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