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= other term agreeable to the supreme go

sborter time, and have harassed the enemy, rnment; upon the lapse of which period who have surrendered prisoners of war, should be incumben' on thelp to choose a with ther general, Dupout, and have capitatrerent person.---We have already remark- lated for the divisions of generals Vedel and , and it is unnecessary to repeat il, iliat Gobert, who are to be conducted io France, e supreme jui'ta» shouki elci ay deputies ainoaning, altogether, to 17,000 men, so

the supreme governmen: such ot' ibeir that here does not renain a single French embers as are !nas' dispunished for their soldier in armis in the Andalusias ; a victory «als, their generdi hotelge of logista- most glorious and singular, which has been n, and all the branch of public votre eticted without the eitusion of much Spai, recolleriin, thit they are niso biood, in which it appears we stand

be the depositarius of the hopes of the alune. -The local situation of the Andalusias ngdom). The supreme justi, in full re- presents also a more probable moule of view ore upon the genero!a charcter of Sp!- fence against the ai'ns of Napoleon, if he rds, and their ariert attachment to ile means to stack us; and, wiil this view, od of their compiry, assures itself thun we have united with us the Portuguese prorigue, party, or person i interest or pre- vinces of farve an1 Alentexo, who have ections, will haven influence upon this pliced thems-lves nader our protection; C1100,–The supreme juntas will

, in ille ! .d the Cinery I-les have sent us a depoiy et instance, appoin' the place, which chall for the same parpose. The greater opulence the seat of the supreme government, who and other peculiar circumstances of these ill afierwards adsere to or ali si bai ap. provinces offer resources which the rest iniment, as they thir, fil, accviiing 14) a want; and we live thus been enabled to irality of votes. The seat of governmen',

miki provision for immense expence, with has been most wiely obverved by ihe ont havin, received any money from any preme juna of Valencia, vyntio De ! ober jail, or imposed any contributions.listance from all the daisers of wol, and The nurme arsenal of the isle of Leon, old, as a claim to preference, Dansens perhaps the most considerable of all, obeyed jer advantages of a local :1!!! A, Svili us from the beginning, and with it the Decives herseif io postes all these adid, - Spanish squadron off Cadiz, use force is fes, but has 10 auxiciy to be selected ; the greatest, and has been since augmented : sie will most coidaily scritice ail ber by that of the French moored in that bar!1.15 1o what the other sprente juntas »!", ind surrendered to us at discretion. and decide to be for the core il prosperity Gosiar, the famous £glish fortiess, is in

the kingdo:n. The s!inin juntas wili, sur leiritory, and one of the most numerous zetore, mike kuwa sheir pleasure as to squadrons of that nation kept ou: coast in a is point, when they nouit; the election of stice of blockade. Weiinmediately, thereeir deputies. In the mkantime we will lore, opened a comication withi G:oralinkly state that La Mancha appears to us tar, and with the English squadron, which ost convenien: for the sell of government, has given us all the assistance that was in its id there we would putnicularly name its power, sent us a resident minister at the rge cities of Ciudal Real or Almagro. But viry first, and conveyed our deputies to I this subject we are powise anxious; we London, to request sub-idies, and settle a ave it entirely to the free choice of the su peace advantageous to the whole nation.*eme jun!25.-It remains only that we A:nidst so many serious cires, we bave veih of this supreme junta of Seville, upon transmitted all the arms which it was possihich point we shall not sury much. Cer- ble to transmit to Grupada. Estremadwa in persons, cither ignorant or malevo ent, has received a still greaier number, and has ave endezvoured to pread the persuasion experienced our protection, and so has Corhat we aff cted a superiority over the other dova and Jaen. We have offered arms to Tovinces.

Any such thonght bas been far La Mancha, to Murcia, to Tarragon, to ro'n us, although ile general yood of the Gerona, who requested them of us, an i we ation has been our guide, and as it were exerted ourselves to the utnost to fulál the be scul of all our determinations. We promises which we had made.-- We have possessed the only foundery for cannon in not forgot the rest of the European provinces he kingdom, and arms and ammunition in and kingdoms, and we hope in time that | certain degree of abundance. Various the effects of our zeal and vigilance will be aptains general acknowledge us from the made clear and public.-The Americ is om nencument, and veteran troops were claimed at the first a great share of our attennore numerous in our province than in other tion, in order to preserve that so principal sarts; and thus we formed an army in a part of the Spacish monarchy. We have sent envoys and commissaries thither and to ariny is anxious to establish your civil go. Asia, in order that !hey may unite them- vernment upon the sanie fooring in which it selves to us, wbich we could not do without was left by your beloved prince, when, qualifying ourselves as the suprenie junta sisted by the constant friends of his persou for the government of Spain and the Indies, and his throne, he escaped from his most and we trust that this title and our cares will insidious enemies. Without losing a monot be found useless. So many labours, ment, we are endeavouring to effect this surrounded by so many dangers, will, we measure, and to substitute a civil gorera. trus, deserve some consideration of our ment to the military ; to accomplish which, country, for the love and defence of which

however, some days will be requisite. Ia Orly we have done and suffered so much.- order, then, that the evil disposed (if nch With all this, we repeat that we neither af. there be) may not convert crue liberis irro fect nur desire any superiority. Whatever unbridled licentiousness, and in order to we have done, we owed to our country: it avoid, in the present crisis, the terrible consewas an indispensable obligation upon 18. quences of such disorder, it belongs to tie Our only object is, that Spain may preserve cojinander-in-chier, and to those to who its integrity and independence, for our lord he has inmediately delegated the superinand king, Ferdinand VII ; and for that, on tendance of the public tranquillity of this ject we joyfully sacrifice our lives. May God, city, to watch with all vigilance over its wbo bas so clearly and marvellousiv shown peace and quiet, and to give security to ih his protection of Spain, grant a sare return persons and property of its loral and woriby to its king Ferdinand VI!! And then with the inbabitants.

inbabitants. To obtain this desir.ible entit supreme government, he will determine

will be necessary, for a short time, io naiawhat may be bis royal will, either com- tain strong guards, piquets, and pairóles, is manding an tion of the cortes, or by such various directions, in order to seize and take other means as his prudence may suggest, into custody erery person who shall attempt and will facilitate the return of abuses and to disturb ihe public peace.--You may rethe general happiness of the kingdo:n, se. joice, inhabitants of Lisbon ! You hare curing it upon such foundations as are firm, great cause for gladness; and your English and subject to no change.--If these hopes friends, participating in your sentimeuts, are vain, in which the clemency of God rejoice equally with you. Never let it be leads us to indulge; then the existing su- permitted, however, that the evil disposez preme government will itself determine what should thereby have an opportunity of prois most conducive to the interest of the ; moting ing: :rrection or confusion ! But let kingdom, conforming itself to the funda. then beware of such a design! The mai mental laws theret, defending it against vigorous and effective means are prepari the fury and malice of our enemies, and for suppressing any aitempt of this nature, preserving this monarchy, in which itself, and all who may be guilty shall be punished the liberty of nations, and the Catholic according to military law, in the most prompt, church, the beloved spouse of our Lord Je- rgirous and exemplary inanser; and to sus Christ, is so deeply interested-Given the purpose of removing every temptaiion at the royal palare of Seville, this 3d day of to interropt the peace of the city, I prohibit, August, 1808.-FRANCIS SAAVEDRA, Arch- under the present circumstances, the enterbishop of Laodicea ; the Dean of the Chap- ing the city with arms, and the wearing the ter of the Holy Church; FRANCIS XAVIER in the public streets. Allinns and taverns, CIENFUFGOS; VINCENT HORE; Francis where wine or spiritueus liquors are sold in Diaz Bermupo: MANUEL GIL, C. M.; sınall quantities, are, for the same reason, Father JOSEPH RAMIREZ; JUAN FERNANDO required to be shut up at six in the evening, AGUIRE ; Coun Tills; Marquis de la Grao and not to open before sun-rise, under the NINA; Marquis de TORRES, and eleven. pain of imprisonn.ent 10 the dealers, and Qihers.

forfeiture of their liquors.--Finally, I in

vite all persons, who possess any authority or REVOLUTION IN PORTUGAL.- Proclamation influence whaterer, and whether include

ly Lieutenant General Hope, command- or not in the body of the magistracy, and ing the Iroops of his Britannic Majesty, more particularly the holy ministers of refor the immediate Security and Tranquillity ligion, to assist the military power in preof Lisbon.

serving the tranquillity of the capital, unul Inhabitants of Lisbon ;--Your country the much wished for object of seeing the conis rescued, and you are restored to free- stituted civil authorities in the exercise of dom : your national flag is lying in every their functions be obtained. - Gol save the quarter of the kingdom, and his excel Prince Regent ! Viva! Viva!--J. llori, Cincy the general-in-chief of the British lieutenant-general.

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litate the restitution of properly, hold its Proclamation, ly the British and French sittings at the house of Sr. Antonio Rodriguez

Commissioners, for seeing carried into de Oliviera, No. 8, Cargo de Loret10.Elfrct the Convention agreed upon leturen W. C. BERESFORD, Maj. General, PRORY, the respective Commanders-in-Chief. Da- Lieutenant-Colonel, British commissioners." ted Liston, 10th Sept. 1808.

- Le Général KELLERMAN, Le commissaire For the fulfilment of the stipulation made Français pour l'exétution de la Convention, in the Convention agreed upon for the eva- du 30 Août. cuation of Portugal by the French army, that property of every kind confiscated, or Address of the Officers of the British Army, seizu 1, from the subje. ts, or other perstins

to Sir Arthur Wellesley, on presenting residing in Portugal, whether of the royal him a piece of Plate.-Camp at St. Aita palace, royal and public libraries, and mu- tonio de Tugal, Sept. 0, 1808. oms, and from iridividuals ikat are still SIR;- The commanding officers of cailing in Portugal, should be restored :- corps, and tield officers, who have had We, the commissioners for seeing carried the honour of serving in the army under into execution the said treaty, as his excel- your command, anxiously desirous of exency the con mander of the French army pressing the high opinion they entertain of jas already notified to his arny, think it the order, activity, and judgment, with uso right to make public the same for the wbich the whole of that force was so ably. oturmation of all concerned, and for faci- and successfully directed, from the tinie of dating ihe restitution, or the receiving back landing, to the termination of your comnch property, we have judged expedient to

mand in the action of Vinjeira, request you ppoint a committee of three persons, will accept from them a piece of plate, as a iz lieut-colonel Trant, 0. Sr. Antonio, testimony of that sincere esteem and respect Bodrigues de Oliviera, and Mr. Dubliur, which your talents and conduct have so justcommissaire des guerres, to meet at No. 8, ly inspired.--(Signed) W. W. Blake, major Cargo de Loretio, who are appointed to 2011 light dragoons, Win. Robe, lieut. co. eceive, inquire into, and judge of all re- lonel commanding royal artillery, James Timations on this bead, and whose orders Viney, major 'royal artillery, H. Elpbinor the restitution of properly, to whomso- tone, captain commanding royal engineers, ver addressed, are to be obeyed. And it Edward Gopson, major 5th regiment, and s direcied that keepers shall hive charge of lieut. colonel Thomas Eames, major 5th regio, sequestrated or se zed property in every ment, Henry Bird, captain 5ih regiment, louse to which it may have been removed, and major, Thomas Carnu, major 6th regio assure the conservation of objects or ment, Arthur Miller, major Oih regiment, noveables transported from royal or public J. Cameron, lieut. colonel commanding ist jouses, or others, for the use or conveni. bat. Oth foot, H. Craufurd, major 1st bat. ince of stich general, administrator, gih foot, and lieut. colonel, D. White, mather subject of the French army. These jor, 29;h regiment, toot, and lieut. colonel, keepers will make the description of all G. Way, major 29th regiment, Thomas meubles with the name of the owners, and Egerton, captain 29ih regiment, and major, be accountable for whatever is therein, and Andrew Creagh, captain 29th regiment, they will be delivered only on legal proof of and major, Samuel Hinde, lieut. colonel ownership, to the possessors of such articles commanding 32d regiment, H. Johnson, as above described, who will transmit 10 major, 32d regiment, John Wood, majors this committee a return of what each may 32d regiment, Robert Coote, captain 320 have in bis possession of the property desig. regiment, and major, Robert Burne, col. nated. And all persons may with safety commanding the 30th regiment, Lewis apply to this tribunal. We ihink it ne. Davis, major 381h regiment, J. Grevell, Cessary also, to make known to whom it lieut. col., commanding 381h regiment, J. Day concern, that any purchase made of W. Deane, major 3811 regiment, and lieut, articies taken from the public arsenals or col. E. Miles, major 38th regiment, David stures since the 30th of August, or wbat- Ross, captain 381h regiment, and major, ever shail on trial, be proved to have been James Kemmis, lieut. col.commanding 40th illegally sold or disposed of at any time, regiment, and colonel, Henry Thornton, eren previous to the 30:h August, shall niajor 40th regimeni, Richard Archdul, be veti and void, ihe articles seized and the major 40th regimient, Edward Hull, major persous parchasing subject to what the 2d battalion 43d, Daniel Heane, major 430, law may further direct. The compittee William Greard, It, col. commanding 43111 assembled to receive recianations, and facie | regiment, Andrew Paltaa, mujot jāih reg.



ment, Wm. Gwynn, major 45.0 regiment, to convey to the field officers of the arms. D. Lecky, bre: et-major 45th rement, A. the assurance that I shall not love the rec: Coghlan, brevet-najur 4uid regiment, G. decrion of their services; that I am fer J. Walker, col.commandmy joth rugiment, sensible of their kindness towards me; J. Ross, lieut. col, cucinanung 2d batta- that I value bighly their good opinion.-! lion of 521 reg. inent, H. Reiko (!, major i have the honour to be, Sir, &c. ARTH?? 52d reginellt, W G. Davy, mjor 5:h bai WELLESLEY. -Colonel Kemmis, 10tb Resa talion woth regiment, W. Woua , injor 5th battalion both regimant, Joan Gane, brevet-major Goth regiment, D. Pack, lieut. AMERICA.--Mr. Flerson's Answer to the col., commanding 715r regiment, D. Cunn. Dinnlılants of Boston, who prayed bell, major 7 16trigineni, Harry Eyre, ma- R deal of the Emlargo. Dated Aug jor, commanding 82d rezimeni, Chichesier 26, 1808. M Donail, major sed regiment, J. Robin- Your representation and request were p son, lieut. col., commanding'oliegiment, ceived on the 22d instant, and have bet J. Douglas, mujor glstregintui, Bil Oi- considered with the attention due to ere ley, major on vi regiment, und lieut colonel, expression or the sentiments and feelings : D. M'Donnell, captain gist regiment, uod so raspra iable a body of my felios -citize-se major, Robert Travers, major, cominand- No person las seen, wiihinore concernin ing 95th regimen. STAFF: Henry Tor myself, the inconvenience brought c? C? rens, lieut. col. and military secretary, G20 coun rv in general, by the circ! 3stancesco Tucker, lient. col. and depuiy adjutan ge's The times in whicii we hapen to live; ticare neral, Thomas Arbuihnot, major and dep'- to wnich the history of nations presents in ty assistant-general Andrew Panan, do. do. parallel. For years we have been lookings do., Wm. Gunn, do. do. do., D. Leeky, do. $pectators on our brihrey of Europe, after, A. Coghlan, no. do. do., James Ba- ed with all those evilo wsch necessarily itithurst, lient. col. and depury quarter-masier- low an abandonmi'ni ofine moral rules who general, J Painy', assistant deputy quarter- bind men and nation's ogether. Conec** master-general. ----To which, by their par- with them in friendship and commerce, , ticular request, are added the names of lieu- have happily so far keps aloof from the tenant-col. Wal h, and the field ofiicers of calamitous conflicts, and by a sicacy obsa: the 2d battalion of the gth regiment, which vauce of justice (vaard: a!i, by auch to arrived previous to the 21st of August and bearance and multiplied sacritices. served in that action,

length, however, ali regard to the rights · Camp at St. Anna, near Lislon, Sept. others having been thrown astue, iheb:1.15 18, 1809.-Sir, It has happily fallen to my rent powers have besrt the highway of cul. lot as the eldest field officer in your army, mercialintercourse with etices, which, takes to have tbe honour of presenting the inclosed together, expo-e our cor merce and marisc address, from the commanding officers of under almost every destination, a prey to corps, and field-officers serving in it; we their fleets and armies. Each party indee! have but one sentiment on the occasion, ad- would admit our commerce with then stives, miration of your talents and confidence in with ine view of associatiog is in their war your abilities.--- James Kemmis, lieut, col against the other. But we have wished war 40th and colonel.--To the right hon. Sir will neither.- Under these circunstances Arthur Wellesley; K. Bi &c. &c. &c. were passed the laws of which you complain

September 19, 1809.—Sir, -I have had by those delegated to exercise the power of the honour of receiving your letter of this legislation for you, with every sympathy of day's date, in which you have transmitted a common interest in exercising them faithan address, from the officers commanding fully. In reviewing these measures, therecorps, and the field officers who served under fore, we should advert to the difficulties out my command in the late operations in of which a chuice was, of necessity, to be Portugal.-I have had more than one occa- made. To have submitted our rightful sion of expressing the satisfaction which I commerce to prohibitions, and tributary ex. had derived, from the state of discipline and actions from others, would have been to surorder in which we were employed ; and my render our independence-to resist them by sənse of the assistance which i bad derived arms was war', without consulting the state from the oilicers belonging to tlie different of things or the choice of the nation. The departments of the army. These advantages alternative preferred by the legislature of rendered our operations easy and certain ; suspending a commerce placed under sach and we were enabled io meet the enemy on unexampled difficulties, besides saving to fair terms in the field of baitle.--I beg you our citizens their property, and our mario

ners to their country, has the peculiar ad several interacra comprising those of the utage of giving time to the belligerent na. United States, that of manufactures would of ions to revise a conduct as contrary to their conrse prefer to war a state of non-internterests as it is to our rights - In the event course so fuoral?? to their rapid growth of such peace, or suspension of bostiliiies and prosperity.-- Agriculture, although senbetween ihe belligerent powers cf Europe, i sibly filing the kss of market for its proor such change in their measures affecting duce, id find many aggravations in a Deutral commerce, as may render that of the state of v 2. - Commerce and navigation, or United States sufficiently safe in the judge that poriion which is foreign, in the inacment of the president, he antborised to tivity to which they are reduced by the presuspend the embargo. But no peace or sus- sent suite of things, certainly experience

wasion of hostilities, no change of mea- their fol share in the general inconvenience; Eures affecting neutral commerce, is linown but whether war would be to them a prefero have taken place ;. the orders of England, ale alternative, is a question their patriotism and the decrees of France and Spain, exist- would never hastily propose. It is to be ing at the date of these laws, and still unre- regretted, however, that overlooking the healed, as far as we know. In Spain, in- real sources of settirings, the British and deed, a contest for the government appel's French erlicts, which consiiture the actual to have arisen ; but of its course or prospects,

blockade of our foreign commerce and nawe have no information, on which prudence vigation, they have, with too little reflection, would undertake a hasty change in our poli- | imputed them to laws which have preserved y, eren were the authority of the executive them from grester, and have saved for our competent to such decision.-You desire

own use, our vessels, property, and scamen, hat, in this defect of power, congress may instead of adding them to the strength of je specially convened. It is unnecessary to those with whom we might eventually have 'xamine the evidence, or the character of to contend. - The embargo, giving time to he facts, which are supposed to dictate such the belligerent powers to revise their unjust

call; because you will be sensible on an proceedings, and to listen to the dictates of ttention to dates, that the legal period of jus'ice, or interest and reputation, whichi þeir meeting is as early as, in this exten- equally urge the correction of their wrongs, fre country, they could be fully convenei has avalei unr country of this only bonoury a special call. I should, with gieat wils abie expedient of avoiding war; and should ingness, bare executed the wishes of the a repeal of these edicts sepersede the cause mbabitants of Boston, had peace, or a re- for it, our commercial brethren will become real of the obnoxious edicts, or other sensible, that it has consulted their interest, hanges, produced the case in which alone however against their own will. It will be he laws have given me that authority; an] unfortunate for their country, if in the meano many motives of justice and interest lead time these their expressions of inpatience o such changes, that we ought continually should have the effect of prolonging the o expect them. But while these edicts re- very sufferings which have produced ihem, nain, the legislature alone can prescribe the by exciting a fallacious hope that we may, ourse to be pursued.—Thos. JEFFERSON. under any pressure, relinquish our equal

rights of navigating the ocean, go to such The President Jefferson's Answer to the ports as others may prescribe, and there py

Dissent of the Republicans from the Pro. the tributary exactions they may impose; ceedings of the Town of Bos!0n, relative an abandonment of national independence to the Conlargo.

and essential rights revolting to every manly I have duly received the address of that sentiment. While these edicts are in force, portion of the citizens of Boston who have no American cau ever consent to a return of ieclared their approbation of the present sus- peace:ble intercourse with those who mainsession of our commerce, and their dissent iain them. I am in the approach of the som the representation of those of the same period when the feelings and the wisdom of alace who wished its removal. A division the nation will be collected in their repreof sentiment was not unexpectel; on no sentatives assembled together. To them are question can a perfect unaniinity be hoped, committed our righis, to them our wrongs of certainly it would have been between war are known, and they will pronounce the and embargo, the only alternatives presented remedy they call for; and I hear with plea10 our choice; for the geral capture of sure from all, as well those who approse as spr vessels wonly have been war upon one those who disapprove of the present ncasile, which rezsin and interest would repel sores, assurances of an inplicit acquiescence py war ani reprisal on our part.--Of the in the annunciation of the general will. I

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