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pear to me to be just and satisfactory. For, people, and that they may lift up their eyes surely, though it should be admitted to be to heaven, and offer up thanksgiving to the criminal to piblish true facts against a man Omnipotent, who vouchsates to bestow on in some cases, 1. it woald be less criminal

them such important blessings. than to publish then if they were false; and

Proceedings at Bayonne. therefore, in order to ascertain the degre On the 7th of July the junta at Bayonne of the publisher's ģilt and to enable the held their 12th meeting. It was the day court io impse ao adequate punishment, appointed for the acceptance of the new by tine and imprisonnent, on him for his constitution. In the chamber where they odcice, it would be reasonable to permit the sat were erected a magnificent throne and a deleudani io produce his proofs of the truth richly decorated altar, the service of which of the facts siated in the published paper, was performed by the Archbishop of Buratidif he cannoi tully prove thein, to gos. His majesty, being seated on the throne, state and prive the grounds that he

delivered the following speech : bard for beleving that they were true. Gentlemen Deputies—I was desirous of Tlie seiling of these matters upon a clear presenting myself in the midst of you preand just to'ndation is essentiai to the vious 10 your separation from each other. preservation of that important branch of Assembled in consequence of one of the puolio liberty, the liberty of the press. I extraordinary events to which all nations in tem ain your most oor dient servani, J. T.- ther turn, and at particular conjunctures, 31st July, 1908.

are subject, and in pursuance of the dispo.

sitions of the einperor Napoleon, our illusOFFICIAL PAPERS.

trious brother.--The result of these sentiSPANIER REVOLUTION.- Appointments of ments will be consolidated in the constitu

his Catholic Majesty Joseph Mapoleon, at tional act, which will be forthwith read to Bayonne, 4th July, 1905, continued from you. It will preserve Spain from many tepuge 192.

dious broils which were easily to be foreseen Colonels of guards.—Their excellencies from the disquietude wherewith the nation duke de l'Infantado, colonel of the Spanish has been so long agitated. The turbulence guards ; prince Caste Franco, colonel of the which still prevails in some of the provinces Walloon guards; marquis d'Ariza, great will cease, as soou as the Spaniards shall have chainberlain ; duke de Hijar, grand master been apprized that their religion, the inteof the cereinonies ;

(Ocut Ferdinand grity and independence of their country, Nunes, grand huntsman ; count Sant Co- and their dearest rights are secured ; as soon lora, chamberlain. (All grandees of Spain.) as they sball discover the germs of their

The following chamberlains have been prosperity in the new institutions—a bles. appointed to aitend his majesty in his sing which the neighbouring nations have journey :-Their excellencies count Orgaz, not obtained, but at the expence of bloodgrandee of Spain; marquis Santa Cruz, shed and calamities of various kinds.grandee: f Spain ; duke d'Ossuna, grandee Were the Spaniards assembled here in one of Spain; count Castel Florida, and duke

budy, all of them, as having the same inde Sola-Mayor, grandee of Spain.

terests, would be animated with the same Journal of Government, oth July, 1808. sentiments. Then should we not have to

Government has received by the vessel bewail the misfortunes of those who, misled which arrived this inorning dispatches from by foreign intrigues, must be subdued by Don Sangos, and from the English govern- the force of arms.-The enemies of the mient, bearing date the 30th of last month, continent, by the disturbances which they the pleasing inteiligence that the said gentle- have excited in our country, expect to beman and Don Freyre experienced the most come masters of our colonies. Every honest distinguished reception on the part of the Spaniaid must open his eyes, and all must government, and were received with en- crowd round the throne. - We carry along thusiasm by the nation ; further that on the with us the act which asceriains the rights very outset of their negociation they were of- and reciprocal duties of the king and his fered succour of every descriprion, which people. If you are disposed to make the will be received within a few days, and that same sacrifices with us, then shall Spain be the English government so icits permission speedily tranquil and happy at home, and to establish a regular interconrse of packets just and powerful abroad. To this we soin order 10. promote a prompt communica- lemnly pledge ourselves in the presence of tion with Corinna. The royal government bas | God, who reads the hearts of men, and ordered these happy tidings to be communi- rules them according to his good pleasure, cated to the public for e thsatisfaction of the and who never forsakes those who love their

our care.

country, and fear nothing but their own of a noble people, whom it has committed to consciences.

li alone can read our soul, and The act of constitution wis than read we shall then be furtunate when we, in anover in a loud voice; and the members of swer 10 so many hopes, shall be able to give the junta, on the question being put, unani- a proof of having accomplished the glorious mously declared their acceptance of it.-- task which has been imposed upon us.

The The president delivered a short address in maintenance of the holy religion of our answer to the king's speech, after whicla tie foretathers, in the happy state in which we several members took the following oath : find it, and of the integrity and in lepen

-" I swear obedience and fility to the dex.ce of the monarchy, shall be our first king, the constitution, and ihe 1?w's "--The duties. Assist. d by the gooi spirit of the junta then atiended bis majesty's levee to pay clergy, the nobles, and the people, we hope him their respect:upon thisecessior. Hisn- again to restore the time when the wbole jesty gave them the most acrius reception, world was ful of the glory of the Spanish and conversed with them more than four, Tiame; and we also hope to establish tran- His majes!y set out for Bayonettisin quillity in the circle of every family, and 10 the morning of the gih, on his journey to ciedai thie happies of the papie by a Madrid. His majesty the emperor acconi


Soitidos Zalon. The establishpanied him for the first post. On the stpa- ment oi public prosperity, with as liite ration of the two sovereigns, the king took inju as possible to private interesis, shall into his carriage M d'Azanza, minister of be the spirit of our administration. Niiy the Indies, and the duke del Parque, captain our people be made barry! Then shall we of the life guards. His majesty eiered glory in their prosperity. What offering Spain by Irun, and was expected to reach can be more pleasing to us? We shall St. Sebastian's at two o'clock on the same reign, not for ourselves, but for the Spaday ( be gib) where be was to remain until niards.--I, THE KING.- Bayonne, June the following day. His majesty has near a 10, 1808. hundred carriages in his suite.-- The mem. Proclamation at littoria, 12th July, 180S. bers of the junia set off in three divisions; Don Joseph Napoleon, by the grace of the first on the sih, the second on the gih, God, and the constitution of the state, king of and the third on the 10th; each of which Spain and the Indies. will alternately accompany his majesty on Spaniards !--Ou entering the territory of his journey ----The following is the act of a people, the government of whom Proiiguarantee of the new constitution of Na- dence has confided to me, I feel it my duty ples:

to explain the sentiments which I entertain. Napoleon, by the grace of God, emperor - Ina-cending the throne. I rely mpon findof the French, &c. Our dearly beloved ing among you some generous souls who brother prince Joseph Napoleon, king of will second my efforts to restore this people Naples and Sicily, having submitted to our to che possession of their ancient splendour. approbation the constitutional statute, which The constitution, to the observance of which is to serve for the groundwork of political you are about 10 pledge yourselves by your legislation for the kingdom of the iwo Sici. oaths, secures the exercise of our boly relilies, we have approved, and do aj prove of gion, and of civil and political freedom. the said statute, and guarantee its execution It establishes a national representation, and on the part of the sovereign and the people restores your ancient cortes in an ameliorated of these kingdon. -- Given at our imperis) form. It appoints a senate, forming the and royal palace at Bayonne, June 20, 1808. guarantee of individual liberty, and ihe sup. NAPOLEON.

port of the throne in critical circumstances, The following proclamation has been pub- and constitutiny also an honourable asylum lished here :

and reward to those who shall bare performThe illustrious emperor of the French ed signal services to the state.--The courts and king of Italy, our dearest and most of justice, the inicrpreters of the laws, diwell-beloved brother, has transferred all his vested of passion and favour, shall, in proright to the crown of Spain, conveyed to nouncing judgment, be impartial, free, and him by the conventions entered into with independent.-Merit and virtue shall be the king Charles I. and the princes of his only claims to the holding of public offices. house, between the 5th and 10th of May. Unless I am disappointed in my wishes, Doubtless, Providence has given its sanction your agriculture and commerce shall fleurish, to our intentions, as it has opened to us so free from those restraints which have hitherwide a career; it will also furnish us the 10 retarded their prosperity:- Desirous of necessary strength to establish the happiness ruling according to the laws, I will be the first to give an example of the honour which could not ceriainly be carried farther. His should be paid to them.--I enter among you

holiness, who has lately seen himself depriwith the greatest confidence, surrounded ved of the attributes of sovereignty, who has with those meritorious individuals, who seen his power and his dignity insulted under have concealed from me nothing which they a thousand fornis, by an army which he was have thought necessary for your interests. — still willing to consider as frievdiy, could Blind passions, false rumours, the intrigues not however have believed that it would have of the common eneny of the continent, proceeded to this extremity, which has, above anxious only to separate the Indies from every thing else, struck the deepest to his Spain, bave plunged some of you into the heart.-The holy father, who, like a lamb, most dreadful state of anarchy. My heart has suffered in silence and will resignation bleeds at the view of it; but this evil, bow- this excess of insult, was roused only by this erer considerable it may be, may instanta- latter instance. He commanded the underneously cease. -Spaniards, only wite around signed to write once more, and to transınit my throne. Conduct you selves so as that to your illustrious highness, in the strongest internal disturbances shall not deprive me of and most energetic larguage, his complaints; that time which I wish to employ in labour- to lay before you all the horror of these bosing for your happiness, nor deprive me of tile proceedings ; and to represent to you the means of accomplishing that object. I how much he felt himseif douraded in the esteem you enough to persuade myself that face of Europe, by the violent and unheard you will make every exertion to obtain and of measures wbich the French army has commerit that happiness, wbich is the dearest pleted attacking the dignity of the cardi. object of my wishes.- -T, THE King. nals, which is an emanation from his own. (To le continue'u.)

The boly father placing ali nis confidence in

God alone, will wait in conformity with the POPEDOM.- Papers relative in the Seizure principles of his sacred duty, to see how far

of the Pagal Dominions by Buonaparte. the French army is inclined to abuse bis

No. 1. Palece of the Quirinal, March 2. meekness and his patience, and if at length The French commander has proceeded to it will put an end to the unmerited insults such an excess of violence and outrage with- and outrages which it has committed against in these few last days, that the patience and the sovereign of Rome, and the head of the Tesignation of his holiness, without being in catholic church.-Such is the positive order the least altered, have yet been found to ex- which the pro-secretary of state has received hibit some signs of just indignation. The from his holiness, and wbich he feels it his above commander, on a sudden seized the sacred duty to fulfil without the least deviageneral post-office, with a picqnet of soldiers, ' tion. He renew's to your ilustrious highness and displaced the superintendant, to examine the assurance of his sincere consideration, al correspondence, in defiance of the p:iblic: G. Card. Doria PAMTILI. --- To Signor Lelaw. He incorporated hy violence the troops i felure, French Chargé i 20}'uires, of the Pope into the French army; he ba. No. II, dated Mirch 13, 1808, is a n'shed from Rome colonel Bracci, for being sharp and spirited remonstrance against the faithful to his prince; and lastly he put imprisonment and threatened removal of guards upon all the printing offices, that he some officers of his holincss's arny, who might deprive the head of the church of the protested against its incorporation with that liberty of using the press. — Each of these at- of France, and declared that they would not tempis would be suilicient to shew what was continue to serve under such an arrangement. meant by the note of February 23, which No. III, dated March 23, 1809, is d copy announced that the French army would direct of a letter writen by order of bis holiness, its march to Rome, under the pretext of to allibe cardinals who were ordered to retire freeing that city from those whom it chooses from home. He commands then by their to cail Neapolitan brigands. Each of these allegiance not so remove from the capital, attempts shews what excesses of outrage and except they were compailed theret, aní irreverence have marked the insults offered not to continue their journey longer than to the dignity of the visible head of the such compulsion existed. Among these charch. But the French army has not con- cardinals we find the name of his holiness's fined itself within ihese bounds. In order minister cardinal Pamfili, who was succeed. to crows its atrocities, the French soldiers ed by cardinal Gabrielli have dared to lay bands ou our cardinals, have No. IV.--March 27, 1808. Cardinal Gadragged them from the arms of the holy ta- brielli, pro-secretary of state to his holiness, ther, and conducted them to Rome as state has received positive orders from the holy facriminals.- Violence and abuse of power

ther in person to inform your illustrious highness, that the violence committed against the right of pronouncing on the justice of his the persons of the cardinals, natives of the cause.-Such are the sentiments which bis kingdom of Naples, never would have been

holiness has peremptoriiy commanded the believed, if it bad not been repeated against undersigned to express to your illustrious the persons of the cardinals born in the king. bighness, and in performing this duty, he dom of Italy, and the countries united 10 repews, &c. P. CARDINAL GABRIELLI. France. --The holy father cannot at present To AI. Lefelvre, French Chargé d' Alones. be ignorant, that it is not only intended to No. V. is a note written by cardinal Gadeprive him of his temporal authority, but brielli to the Pope's treasurer, containing that there is also a desigu to destroy the spi- his holiness's order to pay cardinals Saluzzo ritual government of the church of Rome, and Pignatelli, transported to the north of represented by the sacred college, which is Italy, and whose property at Naples wis the senate of the sovereign pontift.--He has confiscated, the sum of 1000 crowns each ; seen with horror and surprise those principles provided the treasurer could produce so and maxims which break the most sacred much, of which his holiness is much in bands by which the cardinals are united to

donbt. the Pope by all the force of a solemn oath, No.VI.-- April 7, ISOS.--This morning preceded and followed as they have been, by at six o'clock, a French detachment appeared all the indignilies to which ihe head of the at the gate of his holiness's palace, and the church bas only been exposed. Examples porter on duty beving intimated to the offi. of such enormities are only to be found in cer who commanded it, that he could vot the time of the republic, when Rone saw permit armed persons to enter, but that if the most sacred principles trodden under foot. he was desirous of coming in by himselt, If a secular prince, professing the catholic he would not prevent him,

the latter ap. religion, and believing that he has a right to" peared satisfied. He ordered the troops 10 detain in his territories, as his subjects, car- balt, and to fall back some paces. The dinals of the church of Ronie, finds himself porter then opened the wicket, and allowed still under the necessity of treating them with The officer to enter. But he was hardly on. that respect due to the eminent character the threshold, when he made a signal to the by which they are connected with the holy soldiers, who immediately rushed forward. pontiff, it follows that he has no right to ba- and presented their bayonets to the porter's nish them, or to remove them by open force, breast. After having gained admission by thus tearing from the chief of the universal such deceit and violence, the soldiers pushed church so many of his fellow-labourers.- forward to the guardi roon of the militia of This attempt, which will be a theme of re- Campidoglio, in the interior of the palace, proach in ihe present and future age, has immediately broke open the doors, and particularly wounded the feeling mind of bis seized the muskeis, with which this militia holiness, as well on account of the unheard. were accustomed to mount guard in one of of insult which has beeu offered to the cardi- the antichambers of his holiness.- With nal dignity, as the outrage to his holy person eqnal violence the French troops rushed to by which it was acompanied; his vicar and the quarters of his holiness's noble guard, prime minister having no more been respect- and seized the carbines which they made use ed than the bishops who were torn from of when they mounted guard in the aparttheir respective dioceses. The holy father, ment next to that of his holiness. A French aware of all the evils which these cruel and officer then addressed the captain of the violent measures must necessarily cause to Swiss guards, and told him, as well as the the spiritual government of the church, has few soldiers there assembled, that from that commanded the undersigned to protest day, the Swiss guards were to receive their strongly against them, and to require at the orders from the French general to which sanie time that the cardinals forcibly carried they would not consent. The same order off against every principle of the rights of was communicated to the commander of the nasions, be liberated. As to the rest, always stationary giard, on duty at the barriers, resigned to the judgments of God, and con- who also refused to acknowledge it, and firmed by the innate testimony of a pure con- was in cousequence immediately sent to the science, he will patiently support in the castle. In the meantime different French cause of justice the hard treatment which he detachments scoured the town, and arrested has not merited, and faithful to his sacred and carried to the castle all the noble guards, duty, after having exhausted all his efforts even including their commander.— The holy to allay the tempest which shakes the holy father, apprised of these horrid outrages seat, he will leave to heaven the care of pro- overwhelmed by the grief which they havo iecting and defending it, and to posterity produced, has expressly ordered the under

signed to protest strongly against them, and whom he no longer considers as belonging to declare frankly to your illustrious lordship, to him. This reason was, by order of the that each day adds to the measure of the holy father, officially notified to your illustriinsults which are pouring on his sacred per- ous lordship; and to all the diplomatic body, son, and that he is every day more and more by whom, according to the established deprived of his rights as a sovereign.--It was usages, a pattern of the new cockade, was not sufficient for the French army to signa- sent. - After a preliminary declaration, of lize its entrance into Rome by planting can- this frank nature, his holiness never could non against the palace of his holiness, and have conceived that the purity of his intercffering such unworthy violation to his resi. tions would be calumniated by the circuladence, but it has added to this violence, by tion of' a report that the new cockade was forcing the Swiss guard, and entering with the signal of an union against the French ans into the peaceable abode of the sove- arıny, as inserted in the order of the day, regn poutiti, rudely bursting open the which was yesterday published and postod cals, and seizing the arms rather intended in every quarter of Rome, as well as in the for the honour than the defence of his sa- provinces.-The holy father is willing to ced person, arresting bis guards, and, in believe that this order was the consequence short, depriving him, by these violent mea. of the false representations made to his masures, not only of his guards, but even his jesty the emperor and king -]n fact, if honour. „His holiness requires, in the first the real object which his holiness had in plice, that all individuals of his guard who changing the cockade had been communitave been imprisoned without any reason, cated to his majesty, had he also been acand contrary to every principle of right, quainted that the French military commanbe liberaied; and he atterwards declares der had ordered it to be worn by all the insolemnly, that to all these outrages he only corporated troops, he surely would not have cposes and will oppose patience, and, du- designated it as a signal of union against the ring the time such treatment may continue, French troops, since it was worn by those that meekness of which his heavenly Master very troops who composed part of the has left him an example. His long impri- French army.-Alihough the holy father kument, and ihe injustice which he has ex- is well persuaded that the people of Rome perienced, lave made him a spectacle 10 and the whole world will render justice to the work, to algeis, and to men.--He his

pure and loyal conduct, and that he is 29ats with resignation, but with an also equally certain that no one will adopt shakea firmness in his principles, all that the suspicions, by which the minister of a F.olence can attempt against the head of the God of peace, possessing no malice, is catholic church; well assu

sured, that any pointed out as conceiving projects of revohumiliation be may receive will turn 10 the lution and blood; nevertheless the horrible gry of religion itselt.-Such, precisely, colours in which an act of his majesty, the are the sentiments which his holiness com- most innocent possible, is endeavoured to minds me to express to your illustrious lord- be represented, have afflicted him with such ship. He renews to your highness the as- poignant grief, that he has ordered the pro. gurances, &c.—P. CARDINAL GABRIELLI. secretary of state, Cardinal Gabrielli, to -To M. Leftlure, French Chargé d'Affaires complain to your illustrious lordship, and to

No. VII.- April 11, 1808.-When bis request you, in the name of all that is true, hoiness perceived, with no less surprise to acquaint bis majesty with the real point dia griet, that his troops were forcibly in- of view in which this change of the cockcorporated with the French army, and that ade should be considered. The holy father, punishment was inflicted on such of them always consistent, declares solemnly, that' as remained faithful to their lawful sovereign, the orders of the day. published and posted he thought it proper that his guards and the up, are highly injurious to his character, tey militia of Campidoglio and of the his dignity, and his rights as a sovereign ; barriers, who were not yet incorporated and that conformable with the right which every placed under the command of the French prince has, of making their troops wear general, should wear a new cockade.-The whatever distinguishing marks they think coject which his holiness had in thus chap- proper, he ordered the new cockade, for ging the cockade, was to signify publicly the purpose of shewing the world that he bow much be disapproved the violent in- no longer recognised as his the troops who curporation which took place, and to ma- were incorporated with and placed under Ditest his firm determination to remain neu- the command of the French; and that tral, and to be in no ways responsible for without having comınitted any crime, and the actions of the incorporated s»ldiers, | for having discharged their duty in


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