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SPANISH REVOLUTION.- Fourteenth Bulle. influence; and it was to be concluded that

tin of the French Army of Spain, dared couciliation was altogether impossibi-:Madrid, Dec. 5.

The marfiis of Perales, a reputable mian, The 21 at noon his majesty arrived in who had hitherto appeared to enjoy the conperson on the heights which impend over fidence of the people, hd been, on the Madrid, on which were aiready placed the day before this, accused of putting sund in divisions of drugoons of genrals Litour the cartridges. He was inimesidiely stranMaabourg, and Lahoussaye, and the impe- gled. It was determined that all the cart. rial horse-guards. The anniversary of the rilges should be re-made ; 3 or 4000 monks coronation, that epoch which has signalizel were taplyei "pon this work 3t the Retiro. so many days for ever fortunate for France, All the palaces and 900505 were ordered to awakened in all hearts the most agreeable be open to tur:ish praisin.js at discretion, recollections, and inspired all the troops The French intantry was su:] three leagues with an enthusiasm which inanifested itself from Madrid. The emiperor en loyed the in a thousand exclamativas. The weather evening in reconnoitring the town, and dewas beautiful, and like that enjoyed in cidiog a plan of attack, Cinsistent with the France in the finest days of May. The ma- consideration due to the great number of shaldike of Istria sent to summon the town, honest people always to be found in a great where a military junta was forned, under capital. At seven o'clock the division La. the presidency of the marquis of Castelar, pisse of the corps of the duke of Belluno who had under his orders general Morla, arrived. The moon sboue with a brightness captain general of Andalusia, and inspector- that seemed to prolong the day The engeneral of artillery. The town contained peror ordere i the general of brigade, Maison, a number of armed peasants, assembled to take posse:sion of the suburbs, and chargfrom all quarters, 6000 troops of the line, ed the general of brigade Lauriston to sup. and 100 pieces of cannon. Sixty thousand

pori him in the enterprize, with four pieces men were in arms. Their cries were heard of artillery belonging to the guards. The on every side; the bells of two hundred sharp-shooters of the 10th regiment took churches rung altogether; and every things possession of some buildings, and, in particapresented the appagrance of disorder and 1.r, of the grand ce netery. At the first madness. The general of the troops of the tire, the enemy shewed as inuich cowisdice line appeared at ihe advanced posts to answer as he did of arrogance all the day. The the summons of the dake of Istria. He duke of Belluno employed all the night in was accompanied by 30 meu of the people, paciog his artillery, in the posts marked out whose dress, looks, and ferocious language, for the attack. At midnight, the prince of recalled the recollection of the assassins of Neufchatel sent to Madrid a Spanish lieuteSeptember. When the Spanish general was nant-colonel of artillery, who had been asked whether he meant to expose women, taken at Somosierra, and who saw with children, and old men to the horrors of an attright the obstinacy of his fellow-citizens. assault, he manifested secretly the grief with He took charge of the annexed letter, No. which he was penetrated; he made known 1. On the 3d, at nine in the morning, by signs, that he, as well as all the honest the same flag of truce returned to the headinen of Madrid, groaned under oppression ; quarters with the letter, No. 2. But tbe and when he raised his voice, his words general of brigade Senarmont, an officer of were dictated by the wretches who watched great merit, had already placed 30 pieces of over him. No doubt could be entertained artillery, and had commenced a very smart of the excess to which the tyranuy of the fire, which made a breach in the walls of multitude was carried when they saw him the Retiro. The sharp shooters of the dminute down ali his words, and caused the vision of Villatte having passed the breach, record to be verified by the assassins who their battalion followed them, and in les surrounded him. The aid-de-camp of the than a quarter of an hour 1000 men, who duke of Istria, who had been sent into the defended the Retiro, were knocked on the town, was seized by men of the lowest class head (culbuté).-The palace of the Retir, of people, and was about to be massacred, the important posts of the Observatory, of when the troops of the line, indignant at the porcelain manufactory, of the grand barthe outrage, took him under their protection, rack, the hotel of Medina Celi, and all the and caused him to be restored to his general. outlets which had been fortified, were taken by A little time after, some deserters from the our troops.-On another side, twenty pieces Walloon guards came to the camp. Their of cannon of the guards, accompanied by depositions convinced us that the people of light troops, threw shells, and attracted the property, and honest men, were without attention of the enemy by a false atnak.


[After a description of the disorder that off all the women, and distributed theni as reigned in Madrid, the bulletin proceeds: booty among your soldiers !--Besides, what “ The enemy bad more than 100 pieces of right had you to hold such language ? --cannon mounted ; more considerable The capitulation ought to have induced number had been dug up, taken out of cel- you to pursue a different line of conduct. lars, and fixed upon carts, agroiesque train, See what has been the conduct of the and in itself sufficient to prove the madness English, who are far from piquing them. of a people abandoned to itself: But all selves on being rigid observers of the law means of defence were become useless. of nations. They have complained of the The possessors of Retiro are always masters Convention of Portugal, but they have of Madrid. The emperor to sk all possible carried it into effect.

To violate military care to prevent the troops from going from treaties, is to renounce all civilization : it is house to house. The city was ruined if placing generals on a footing with the nany troops had been employed. Only Bedouins of the desart.

How dare you, some companies of sharp-shooters advanced, then, presume to solicit a capitulation, you and the emperor constantly refused to send who violated that of Baylen ? See how inany to sustain them. At eleven o'clock the justice and bad faith always recoil upon the Prince of Neufchatel wrote the annexed guilty, and operate to their prejudice. I letter, No. 3.-His majesty at the same had a fleet at Cadiz; it was under the protime ordered the fire to cease on all points.- tection of Spain, yet you directed against it At five o'clock on the 4th, Gen. Morla, the mortars of the town where you comone of the members of the military junta, manded. I had a Spanish army in my ranks; and Don Bernardo Yriarte, sent from the I would rather have viewed it embark on town, repaired to ihe tent of the major-ge- board the English sbips, or be obliged to neral. They informed bim that the most precipitate it from the rocks of Epinosa, intelligent persons were of opinion that the than to disarm it; I would rather have town was destitute of resources, and that 7000 more enemies to fight, than be de. the continuation of the defence would be ficient in honour and good faith. Return the height of madness, but that the lower to Madrid - I give you till six o'clock toorders of the inhabitants, and the foreigners morrow morning-reiurn at that hour at Madrid, were determined to persevere in you have only to inform me of the submisthe defence Convinced that they could sion of the people-if not, you and your not do it with effect, they requested a pause troops shall all be put to the sword."-This of a few hours to inform the people of the speech of the emperor, repeated in the real state of affairs. The major-general midst of the respeciable people, the cerpresented the deputies to the emperor and tainty that he commanded in person, the king, who addressed them thus :—" You losses sustained during the foregoing day, make use of the name of the people to no had carried terror and repentance into all purpose ; if you cannot restore tranquillity minds. During the night the most muand appease their minds, it is because you tinous withdrew themselves from the dan. have excited them to ravolt; you have se- ger by fight, and a part of the troops was duced them by propagating falsehoods. As- disbanded. At ten o'clock Gen. Belliard semble the clergy, ihe heads of the con. took the command of Madrid, all the posts vents, the alcades, the men of property were put into the hands of the French, and and influence, and let the town capitulate a general pardon was proclaimed.” [The by six o'clock in the morning, or it shall Bulletin closes with a panegyric on the order be destroyed. I will not, nor ought I, to observed by the French, in takirs possession withdraw my troops. You have massacred of the town, the securisy enjoyed by the the unfortunate French prisoners who had inhabitants, and with a tirade against the fallen into your hands; only a few days ago, English, said to have been pronounced by you suffered two persons in the suite of the an aged Spaniard. The principal reproach Russian ambassador to be dragged along and is, that an army of 40,000 British troops murdered in the public streets, because they had not appeared on the scene of the war were Frenchmen born. The incapacity and at a proper period of the contest]. cowardice of a general, had put into your No. 1.-To the Commandant of the Town of power troops who surrendered on the field

Madrid. of battle, and the capitulation has been Before Madrid, Dec. 3, 1908.---The cirviolated. You, Mr. Morla, what sort of cumstances of the war having conducted an epistle did you write to that general ?- the French army to the gates of Madrid, It well became you, Sir, to talk of pillage, and all the dispositioas being made to take you who, on entering Roussillon, carried | possession of the town by storm, I hold it right, and conformable to the usage of all It would be useless to proclaim to the nations, to suinmon you, Monsieur Ge- Spanish people the great obligation they are neral, not to expose a town so important to under, to deliver themselves from the all the horrors of an assault, not to render slavery which threatens them, and wbich so many peaceful inhabitants victims of is already suffered by their most amiable the evils of war. Wishing to omit no- monarch, and the whole royal family, from thing to inform you of your real si- the most powerful, cunring, and perfidious tuation, I send you the present summous of tyrants. Although the continental por by one of your officers who has been made ers of Europe, all subdued and held is prisoner, and who has had an opportunity great subjection, more by the subtle, sordid, of seeing all the means that the army has and immoral policy of the tyrant, than by to reduce the town. Receive, Monsieur the force of his arms, cannot aid us airectly general, the assurances of my high consi- by rebelling, or declaring war against the deration.—The Major-General ALEXANDER. common oppressor, yet they assist us in(Berthier).

directly and passively, by engaging a great No.2.-In Spanish |-- To his Most Serene part of his armies in the keeping in obedier.ce

Highness the Prince of Neufchatel. Ma. some of them, and watching the oi ets. drid, 3d Dec. 1808.

All of them, even France hersas, bare It is indispensably incumbent upon me, their attention fixed upon Spain, boring most serene signior, to consult, previous to from its intrepid inhabitants, liberty and inmy giving a categorical answer to your high- dependence.

As soon

as the Spaniards ness, the constituted authority of this court shall have shaken the superiority of their (estu corte), and, moreover, to ascertain opposers, not orfe of them will fail to take the dispositions of the people as impressed up arms for his annihilation ; because not by the circumstances of the day. For these one of them will fail to behold bis black inpurposes, I intreat your highness to grant, trigues laid bare and frustrated, or to con for this day, a suspension of arms, in or- vince himself that the terrifying opinion der that I may comply with those duties, hitherto entertained of his power, has been assuring you, that early in the morning, or more the effect of the artifices, of wbich this night, I will send a general officer with he has been able to seduce them, than by the my answer to your highness; assuring you, number, skill, and valour of his troops. that I profess to you all the consideration But upon us is imposed the duty, and to us due to your high rank and merit. --Mar- is reserved the glory of striking the first QUIS CASTELAR.

blow. To us, Spaniards, Providence has No. 3.-To the Gen. Commanding in Ma- left the alternative of being the first

drid. Imperial Camp, before Madrid, people of Europe, and the deliverers of Dec. 4, Eleven A. M.

all of them, or of being the most wretched Monsieur General Castelar,-- To defend of slaves. The general will of ail has been Madrid is contrary to the principles of war, long pronounced, in the most solemn and and inbuidan towards the inhabitants. His expressive manner. Almost altogether dismajesty authorises me to send you a second armed, our best resources dispersed and summons. -- Immense batteries are mount. disorganized; our marine destroyed ; our ed; miners are prepared to blow up your enemies masters of the capital, and of the principal buildings ; columns of troops are njost important fortresses ; the nation im at the entrances of the town, of which poverished; social virtae despised; our man. some companies of sharp-shooters have ners corrupied, and vice enthroned, we have made themselves masters; but the emperor, in an instant recovered our ancient dignity alway's generous in the course of his vic: and character, vanquished obstacles which tories, suspends the attack till two o'clock.

could yield only 10 patriotic heroiso. The town of Madrid ought to look for pro- While we believed that our public disorders tection and security for its peaceable inha- might be emphemeral, being accidental, bitants ; for its ministers ; in fine, the and prodaced by the blind confidence of our oblivion of the past. Hoist a white flag sovereign', in a perverse favoarite, our inbefore tivo o'clock, and send commissioners nate loyalty obliged us to endure them with to treat for the surrender of the town.- resignation and constancy; but no sooder Accept, Mons. Gen. &c.The Major-Gen. | did we clearly perceive, that the tyrant of ALEXANDER

France sought to avail himself of those dis

orders, in order to enslave us, as he had enSPANISH REVOLUTION.-- Decree for the slaved our sovereign-in order to entangle

Formation of a Militia of Honour, Da- us in the same toils in which he had already ted loyal Palace of Aranjuez, Nov. 23, caught Italy, Holland, Switzerland, and 1808.

he greater part of Germany, and in order ment. Your endeavours should be directed to

convert our robust and honourable arms the maintaining of it with in repidity and conto vile instruments of bis ambition and stancy; andwhatever is capable of weakening pacity--then it was that all our provinces, those efforts, yoashouldconsider as the first link ties, towns, and villages, as if on a sud- in the chain of your future slavery, and as - they had sakened from a profound impediments to the delivery of your adured thargy, recollected their imprescriptible Ferdinand. -- lo his name, and after the ghis, and recovered all the energy neces- matutest examination, the supreme central sy to defen'i and preserve them. In the junia have resolved, that besides the increase tort space of eight days, every Spaniard, ed numbers of troops already constituted, imated by an enthusiasın as ar lent as pa

and even organized, and which are now fotic, resolved to parish or take vergeance marching towards the Pyrennees, to repel, f the tyrant ; and Providence jostamiy fa. aliack, and drive away the foe, 2509,000 oured their just and valorous deterruilaiion. warters shall be enii-ted, organized, and he satellites of operession, who had till instructed in arins, arrecally to the rules

en arrogated to themselves the epithet of prescribed in the regulations and provisions ovincible, were finally conquered, for the which are to be publishe i for that purpose. rst time pursteil, hunted like wild beasis, But at the saine time that his majesty od obliged to take refuge either in the re- Haters himself that those forces, added to sses of the Pyrenaces, or in the strong those which will be furnished by the Eng. laces which had been surprized by the basse Jish and Purturuesa, o'r ollies, will be abl : its of fruch, perfidy, and trea2011. But, to destroy his mortal enemy, he foresees at

pwards, it is ntill so be seen whether these the same time, the great convenience, and irst and brave efforts of your valour are to even necessity there will be that in the meesemble tlie suiden flashes of an expiring tropolis, and in all the provinces which remain orch, or the first flane of a pile, whose wiibout garrison or armed force, there shouli Ere, growing every instant more luminous be raised loyal bodlies, interested in pre. und active, does not crase till it has no sub- venting disorders, and cap:bie of arresting tance to devonr, The first would take banditti, deserters, and evil dispo-ed perplace were you to prefer your apparent and sons, who may parpone io sariate their ammndividual interests to the public welfare, bition or rsp:!city by disturbing the public which is truly substantial--if you suffer tranquillity. Holour, unioli, fraiernity, ourselves to be misled by selfishness, or forgetfulness of injury, a disregard of what distracted by private passions--if you divide is or what we may tanky due to us, internal ourselves into factions or parties—and, in and murual peace and concord among the

word, if you are not convinced, that it is citizens, and, in a word, all the virtues ibove all things, indispensably necessary wbich constitute true patriotison, these are hat you should make great sacrifices, in or- the planks which alone can save us from ler to complete your great enterprise, and

the threatening shipwreck. The sugge;ne day enjoy the glory you are to reap with tions and discourses which might site and t. In this enterprise your device should be, make cool these virtues, would be so many lie or conquer. But you will overcome all hemlock cups fraught wiih death, 50, many obstacles, if you assert and boldiy maintain hidden snares placed by malce or impruhis your irrevocable resolution ; for neither dence in our path, on the brink of the predoes fortune generally forsake iliose who | cipice.-To preserve then those virtues, and neet danger with unshaken firmness, non maintain tranquillity in all the towns, and can God deny bis aid to those who purpose especially in the larger ; to impose awe o defend his cause with sound and delive- upon robbers, and apprehend deseriers, and are resolution. Spaniards, do not doubt it. 10 prevent, by prompt and inevitable puWar onght to be henceforth your chief ele- nishment, the multiplication ci crimes, his

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najesty has resolved, that in all the towns proves; since in that, and in the acknowof the kingdom which are ont of the thea- ledged military talents and patriotism of your tre of war, there shall be raised bodies of excellency, the Junta las founded the hope militia of honour (milicias houradas), ac- of the quick expulsion of the enemy from ! 'cording to the rules and regulations con- our country, the nation waits for it with tained in the following article :-(Here fol- Unspeakable anxiety, and has placed its eyes low 28 articles, most of them matters of on your excelleney, already accustomed to detail and formal provisions susceptible of similar undertakings. May God preserve abridgement).

your excellercy many years. The Conde Spanish RETOLUTION.- (Continued from DE FLORIDA BLANCA.

p. 992.)Lelter from the Conde de Florida Blanca, President of the Central By order of the supreme council, we ioJunta, to General Xavier Castanos: dared the following document, wbicb, en Aranjuez, Oct. 1, 1808.

the 27th of last September, was addressed by Mot honoured Sir,- In the supreme the most illustrious senior de:con Don J. R. government of the kingdom, a memorial J. Nacarro, auditor of the council of Nahas been received from your excellency, pointing out the difficulties which oppose, Most illustrious Senor,- In folio 33d of Jo your opinion, the establishment of a the proceedings of the council, it is said, military council, the necessity of which, in that as the auditor of the councij of Navarre, the judgment of your excellency, there is, presented himself disguised, who had gained that the inspectors should have a seat in it; admittance into the residence of Senor Don and lastly, tbat your feelings and honour do Fernando the Vllth, and brought verbal not permit you to remain any longer at instructions from his majesty, limited to Madrid; in consequence, the Junia has re- strict injunctions and wishes that it should solved, tbat your excellency should be in. follow a system of friendship and harmony formed, that it has already signified its with the French. The obligations I owe to orders to the members absent, and it doubts that supreme tribunal, for baving suppressed not that they will expedite their journey, my name and the most important part of my which is destined to a service so important, commission, solely with a view to the safety that the inspectors shall be called to the of my person, subject, at the time of its council when they shall think proper ; in publication, to French controul, demanded! which case, they shall have a vote in it; and iny gratitude and acknowledgment, and finally, that the Junta cannot but recognize therefore I intreat your bighness 10 signify in your excellency's exposition, relative to the same ; but now, although at the expence your march to the army, all the delicacy of of difficulties and uncertainties, I tind mswhicb the most delicale soldier can be sus- self in abis town, free from all fear, I think i ceptible:The stay of your excellency in it necessary that the public should know my Madrid was useful and essential, since from mission in its fullest extent. I was at Bay. ir bave resulted the formation of plans and onne with other ministers of the tribunals of measures most proper for carrying on the Navarre, when the king arrived in that city. war against our enemies; intelligence of The emperor of the French did not Jefer their situation, that of the forces your ex- many hours in throwing aside the reil cellency commanded, and their superior dis- which bid his mischievous conduct. He cipline; are in a great measure due to the signified openly to his majesty the scandalous penetration and military talents of your and unexpected project of tearing forcibly excellency, and ultimately the union of ope- from bis teipples the crown of Spain, and rations of all the armies, which happily has doubtless persuaded that in order to its been arranged during the continuance of ready accomplishment, it was necessary to your excellency in Madrid, and at the side straiten the king by every means; one of of the Supreme Junta. Envy and detraction the first that he put in execution was the cannot asperse motives so pure, nor shade interiuption of the couriers. Daily were the merit which in the present state of affairs they dispatched, but the right of pations, your excellency has recently gained in the was not a guarantee sufficiently sacred to service of the country, and the Supreme insure them against the insults of a goveroJunto, whici knows it to be so, will give to meut accustomed not to hesitate in the choice your excellency proofs of it on every occa. of means for the accomplishment of its deprasion that offers, and on ibose which it shortly ved ends.—Thos circumstanced, his majesty expects, in consequence of ihe determina- thought himself obliged to adopt new secret livit of your excellency to place yourself at channels of communication with the supreme the licad of your army, which it highly ap- junta, presided by the infant Don Antonio,





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