The Works of ... Edmund Burke, Volume 11

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F. & C. Rivington, 1813 - English literature

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Page 57 - When an account is taken of the intercourse, for it is not commerce, which is carried on between Bengal and England, the pernicious effects of the system of Investment from revenue will appear in the strongest point of view. In that view, the whole exported produce of the country, so far as the Company is concerned, is not exchanged in the course of barter, but it is taken away without any return or payment whatever.
Page 377 - conquest of them ; and, finally, that such was " his idea of the Company's distress at home, " added to his knowledge of their wants abroad, " that he should have been glad of any occasion •'• to employ their forces, which saved so much of
Page 2 - House has a tendency to disgust them with all sorts of inquiry concerning this subject. They are fatigued into such a despair of ever obtaining a competent knowledge of the transactions in India, that they...
Page 372 - That the said Warren Hastings, in direct contradiction to the said orders, and to his own sense of their propriety and coercive authority, and in breach of...
Page 403 - whilst the Rajah shall continue faithful to these " engagements, and punctual in his payments, and " shall pay due obedience to the authority of this " Government, no more demands shall be made " upon him by the Honourable Company of ANY " KIND ; or, on any pretence whatsoever, shall " any person be allowed to interfere with his " authority, or to disturb the peace of his country.

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