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army was sixteen lacks. We had neither money to spare, nor, in the apparent state of that government in its relation to ours, would it, have been either prudent or consistent with our publick credit

have afforded it... It was, nevertheless, my decided opinion, that some aid should be given; not less as a necessary relief, than as an indication of confidence, and a return for the many instances of substantial kindness, which we had, within the course of the last two years, experienced from the government of Berar. I had an assurance that such a proposal would receive the acquiescence of the Board; but I knew that it would not pass without opposition, and it would have become publick, which might have defeated its purpose. Convinced of the necessity of the expedient, and assured of the sincerity of the government of Berar, from evidences of stronger proof to me than I could make them appear to the other members of the Board, I resolved to adopt it, and take the entire responsibility of it upon myself. In this mode, a less considerable sum would suffice; I accordingly caused three lacks of rupees to be delivered to the minister of the Rajah of Berar resident in Calcutta; he has transmitted it to Cuttac.-Two thirds of this sum I have raised by my own credit, and shall charge it my official accounts; the other third I have supplied from the cash in my hands belonging to the Honourable Company. I have given due notice





to Moodajee Boosla of this transaction, and explained it to have been a private act of my own, unknown to the other members of the Council. I have given him expectations of the remainder of the amount required for the arrears of his army, proportioned to the extent, to which he may put it in my power to propose it as a publick gratuity, by his effectual orders for the recall of these troops, or for their junction with ours.

I hope I shall receive your approbation of what I have done for your service, and your indulgence for the length of this narrative, which I could not comprise within a narrower compass.

I have the honour to be,

Honourable Sirs,

Your most faithful, obedient,

and humble servant,

Warren Hastings.


AN ACCOUNT of Money paid into the Company's Treasury by the Governour-General, since the Year 1773.

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1776—1777. D° 1777-1778. 1778-1779. Do


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1780 1781. For Bills of Exchange CR'. 43,000

For Deposits


For Interest Bonds at 8 per cent. 4,75,600


For Durbar Charges


1,43,000 1,21,600

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CRs. 20,94,725

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(Errours excepted)

John Annis.

Auditor of Indian Accounts.


To the Honourable the Secret Committee of the Honourable Court of Directors.

Fort-William, 22d May 1782.

Honourable Sirs,

IN a letter, which I have had the honour to address you in duplicate, and of which a triplicate accompanies this, dated 20th January 1782, I informed you that I had received the offer of a sum of money from the Nabob Vizier and his ministers to the nominal amount of ten lacks of Lucknow Siccas; and that bills on the house of Gopaul Doss had been actually given me for the amount, which I had accepted for the use of the Honourable Company; and I promised to account with you for the same as soon as it should be in my power, after the whole sum had come into my possession. This promise I now perform; and, deeming it consistent with the spirit of it, I have added such other sums as have been occasionally converted to the Company's property through my means, and in consequence of the like original destination. Of the second of these you have been already advised in a letter,


a letter, which I had the honour to address the honourable Court of Directors, dated 29th November 1780. Both this and the third article were paid immediately to the treasury, by my order to the sub-treasurer to receive them on the Company's account, but never passed through my hands. The three sums, for which bonds were granted, were in like manner paid to the Company's treasury, with out passing through my hands; but their appropriation was not specified.

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The sum of 58,000 current rupees was received while I was on my journey to Benares, and applied as expressed in the account.

As to the manner, in which these sums have been expended, the reference, which I have made of it, in the accompanying account, to the several accounts, in which they are credited, renders any other specification of it unnecessary; besides that those accounts either have, or will have, received a much stronger authentication than any that I could give to mine.

Why these sums were taken by me; why they were, except the second, quietly transferred to the Company's use; why bonds were taken for the first, and not for the rest; might, were this matter to be exposed to the view of the Publick, furnish a variety of conjectures, to which it would be of little use to reply. Were your honourable Court to question me upon these points, I would answer AA 3 that

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